Hey all,
New multiboxer here, and having some issues..

Running 2 clients, and it's difficult for the 2nd character to follow the 1st.
The 2nd client experiences MAJOR FPS drops while it's not in-focus & running in the background. I would of thought that "Max Foreground/Background Settings" would of solved this, but it simply doesn't.. If I alt-tab between both WoW clients, I notice that the FPS on the non-focused client is SUPER low until I tab onto it, bringing it back onto focus.

It's making it very cumbersome to multibox.. the 2nd character is constantly "rubberbanding", and is actually slower than the main character due to the low FPS/lag. Even if the 2nd character is on a mount, it fails to keep up with the 1st character on foot.

I almost feel like it's a PC setting, somehow attempting to conserve CPU usage on an app which isn't in focus.. I am 100% certain my PC is capable of running two WoW clients, rocking a RTX 2060, 32GB RAM & 9th gen i7...

Any ideas on what's going on?

I appreciate the help!