continuing the discussion i had on discord wit Pete here on the forums.

I have a weird situation with VMWare and WoW performance in a Virtual Machine.

(using 3900X, RTX3090, 64GB, Win 10 PRO)

in a 1920 x 1080 resolution for WOW classic in the VM i can achieve around 10 FPS in the bank in Ogrimmar, with graphics set to 3. My 3090 does NOT increase the clock rate when i run WoW. (3d acceleration enabled, enough VRAM assigned etc).

Pete stated he is getting 100 FPS in WoW classic, and his 3090 IS raising the clock rate.

Is anyone else using VMWare Workstation Pro?

I raised a ticket with VMWare as well, cant believe the virtual VMWare GPU is not sending some requests at least to the GPU.

And yes, i am aware PCIe passthrough is not part of VMWare Pro Workstation - but i do not understand how it seems to use some GPUs and some not.

Thx all & cheers