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    Lightbulb HW Multibox + "key press delay" some thoughts from a "noob"

    i am new to this forum and recently rejoined wow. I played it back in the days when lvl 60 was the max and molten core and onyxia where the biggest challenges in the game. For different reasons i just looked back to wow and got in touch with the whole multibox topic. Unfortunately right where i read about "multibox gets banned". I like to watch the episodes from Multidayz on YouTube *hello*.

    I started to use a second PC beside my main working machine. Then i tied to add one more... finally i ended up with four separate old PCs running WoW. Next to my 4k monitor (main char) on the left i have my healer (24") and on the right side another 24" with a HDMI splitter/multi viewer to show my three DPS chars at once.

    Two days ago i got my 4-port KM switch/synchronizer. There i attach a simple NUM-pad to trigger macros mostly for the 3 DPS chars, and some for the four "slave chars" like mount/dismount and follow/unfollow.

    To manage my healer i use an additional "foot-pad" under my desk with three simple buttons/pedals (they are like a keyboard with A + B and C) This one is directly connected to the "healer-PC".

    So far every thing works quite ok and i get used to it a bit. To be honest: i am mostly curious about "making things work" from the hardware and "macro perspective". For me it is not about making money or aiming for the freaking high end contend.

    Yesterday one guy yelled "report him!!!" "he is multiboxing" (while i was walking with five druids trough OG). Currently, i just playing around with the setup and my chars are still below lvl 20.

    What i am thinking about: first i will rethink my team combo to have something mixed. Different classes + races to have a more "natural" team look. Avoid naming how i did it with the current team (alpha, beta, gamma, delta...).

    Second thing i want to try (for possibly not being directly visible on the "multibox-radar"): using "AutoHotkey" for windows, to have a different timing/delay for specific key-press on my NUM-pad.

    For example: hitting NUM4 leads to
    Char 1 follows directly
    Char 2 follows after 0,5 seconds
    Char 3 follows after 1 second
    Char 4 follows after 1,5 seconds

    (just with a simple input "NUM4, wait xx sec, output NUM4")

    I know that from an external perspective (if somebody observes me) will see that this is not a "natural behavior" but maybe it prevents to be automatically detected? I also what to use the same mechanics for attack macros etc..

    What are your thoughts about these approaches/ideas to be more in "stealth multibox mode"?

    EDIT: The "work in progress" setup before adding the usb-synchronizer, using the foot-pedal and two NUM-pads ;-)
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    just ignore the other players or tell them you are hardware boxing

    adding delays is actually what could get you in trouble (imo)

    specially for follow which can be done near instantly with addons
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    I stay far away from adding delays into keys.

    I'm using 100% hardware / ema / and a keyboard with onboard memory macros.
    The on board memory macros I use are mostly to remap keys / press multiple keys at once (think face rolling) with no delays.

    I haven't had anything but positive reactions in shadowlands so far, but maybe it's because I roll around on Long Boys when I'm in Oribros for the AH for people.

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    What the others are saying. Delayed actions have always been a no-no and AHK is more than likely something they are looking for since it's been commonly used to input broadcast and automate gameplay...

    I honestly do not worry about someone reporting me for multiboxing. Literally, unless the GM does not know the rules, it's like reporting someone for being a druid. There is no need to try and hide it and the more specifically they express the report is for multiboxing, then the more likely it is that the ticket is simply dismissed

    I just keep a few links handy so I can paste them and explain that it's just input broadcasting software that is banned and not multiboxing. Whether they want to listen varies. The truly obnoxious people go on a list so I can ask on how the ticket went and when I should expect to be banned a week or two later
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    Yea, thanks for your input. Ok i'll skip the "delay" idea and keep focus on my stuff

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