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Hi, thanks for the great software!

I've been using it for a while and reactivated my 5 accounts for the first time since Nov.

Is it possible, using the 'Profiles' to have 2 seperate Window profiles setup. One for using a 2 window profile, and one for using a 5 window profile? Sometimes I am 5 boxing on 2 monitors, and my profile splits up 4 clients onto one screen.

Sometimes I just want to play 2 accounts, ie: my main toon, and my auction toon on the other screen. Or do some professions. When I'm only playing 2 clients, I don't want that 2nd client taking up only a quarter of my second screen. Just wondering if this is possible, or if I need to use the Window Layout tool every time.
Thanks for the kind words. Yes that’s what profiles are for:
Set your 2 box layout, save and apply and then File menu « New Profile » and type eg « 2 box »
Then new profile again, type « 5 box » change layout to 5 and save and apply

After that in Profile menu just pick the right one

You can also pass -profile on the command line to select which one you want at startup (you can combine that with the bat file to launch different setups)