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    Default Mists of Tirna Scithe

    I like this dungeon. It has just 3 bosses but they all have good mechanics that while challenging are still doable. With the last boss being probably the most difficult depending on your composition.

    Had an ilvl of 172~ for this boss, they drop ilvl 184 loot and was able to start completing Mythics at around 160's. The scaling/difficulty for boxing in Shadowlands is a tough gear ramp, once you start getting a few mythic bosses under your belt though it becomes gradually easier.

    Ingra Maloch - - link to specific time in video
    It's a 2 Mob Fight. The boss and a secondary mob that is controlled.
    • Taunt the boss, and start laying into the secondary Mob Drouman Oulfarran. The boss takes 90% less damage during this phase and will cast Spirit Bolts continually these are interruptable. At this time I was able to ignore them as the damage wasn't too extreme, I assume I high Mythic+ it'll be a problem and some type of cc will be needed.
    • Periodically Drouman will cast a frontal cone, make sure this is facing away from the group. Additionally the main boss will cause him to cast Tears of the Forest, this is blue swirlies that will be all over the ground, dodge them and they leave a puddle that does damage if you stand in it.
    • Once the secondary mob is down to 20% it breaks free of control and stuns the main guy, and increases damage taken to him by 200%.
    • This is when you blow cooldowns. If you do not finish him off, rinse and repeat.

    Mistcaller -
    • This fight is going to take a few tries to get the mechanics down, don't sweat it. Once you have it, you're golden.
    • First, there is Dodge Ball - on mythic it will try to throw a ball at everyone, you'll need to side step this.
    • Next is Patty Cake - which ONLY the tank or whoever is targeted can interrupt ( It's whoever has aggro, which should be your tank. You NEED to interrupt this or it's almost a certain wipe, it does high damage and disorients you for several seconds. Your interrupt should always be available when it is cast which is good.
    • I ended up getting a WeakAura that makes a nice audible sound to stop missing this from happening. *I think this is the one I grabbed*
    • Shadowlands-Dungeons |
    • Next ability is Freeze Tag, this is probably the most crucial and there are multiple ways to attack this one. She casts a blue fox type creature similar to the Night Fae covenant ability and it chases a specific member in the group. Now you could hypothetically run around on that specific character to avoid it, if you have that kind of control.
    • It is also cc'able and will despawn after a certain point, this is probably the cleanest method.
    • What I have done instead is just run around and DPS it down as it doesn't have a lot of hp. You have to make sure you don't touch it, if it catches your team anyone in range is frozen in ice for 10 seconds. It's brutal and fight ending.
    • Lastly is the guessing game, this is difficult because you have to do EVERYTHING else while trying to figure out which faerie to attack. So with that, the easiest way to know is to practice and someone made a website with just that.
    • Mists of Tirna Scithe Dungeon Guide (

    Tred'ova -

    1. Final boss. Blow your cooldowns early, the longer this fight lasts the more hectic it gets. Or another good time slot to blow them is potentially during Consumption to get him out of it but there is still movement required.
    2. First ability is green swirlies under your feet that actually randomly start moving, had to be dodged or wipe.
    3. Second ability is the boss will put up a shield and start doing Consumption while blue swirlies are being thrown all over the room, you need to dps down the shield so it can become interruptible to stop this phase.
    4. Third ability will summon little grubs that fixate, you need to drop these but they also leave a puddle so you have to move out of the way.
    5. Last ability which is crucial to Multiboxing is Mind Link, whoever gets link has to move 40 yards away from the other person or they both take continual dot damage. On normal it's not too bad as it only links 2 people, on Mythic is links everyone!! So this is where the Spread out macro shines, push that button and spread out!
    6. The problem is now you have your entire team spread out and too far away to /follow each other. This is where a team that can Interact with Target to reel them back into a central location (the boss) or near it shines. I explain this at the end of the video and how it falls apart when you can, as you still have to dodge other mechanics.

    As of this posting I've downed 6 of 8 mythics, but this is the only one I have recorded. So expect more of these to come

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    This was the first dungeon I 5 boxed, it isn't too bad.
    The pattern matching in the mist can be annoying, especially your first time figuring it out.

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