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    Question Reprogram / Recompile Hotkeynet into app without key broadcasting

    Hi all,

    I have no idea about coding, sorry in advance if my questions seem silly ^^;

    With Multibroadcasting Software banned by Blizzard the use of Hotkeynet is not allowed.
    I only used Hotkeynet, nothing else. I ran 5man Dungeons in classic for fun and occasionally farmed some items in the open world 1-2h per week.
    I got warnings for all accounts that I used Hotkeynet with. The warnings couldn't have been for exploitation or botting, due to how little I multibox.
    This leads me to conclude that the program itself is blacklisted / detected by Warden.

    That means running the software even if key broadcasting is not used will still result in account actions.

    Hotkeynet does have a lot of very useful "non" keybroadcasting features though. For example

    - starting wow clients
    - Renaming windows
    - Set windows position and size
    - Set windows as "on top" or create PIP modes

    With just one shortcut it was possible to start and arange multiple wow windows to specific positions.

    My question are:

    Is it possible to simply rip out the broadcasting options from the code and rewrite the app in a way that it's not detected as hotkeynet anymore? This way we could still use the other functions.
    Would that be something rather easy and something that can be done in a few hours or would one have to rewrite the whole code taking a lot of time/work?

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    First only freddie has the source

    Second: why not use opensource code that already does everything that is compliant?
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    I believe your assessment is correct - that warden is now looking for any use of the prohibited software, even if you are not actually using the software broadcasting ability of that program.

    While it could be possible for the HKN team to recompile a new application without those key broadcasting abilities, I have no way to know how likely/unlikely it is that they HKN team would do that just to support WoW multiboxing. My gut feeling is that change is highly unlikely, but that's just my wild-ass-guess.

    Instead, I'd suggest that you'd need to look at different software to handle that.

    - JoeMultiBoxer (JMB), is made by the same team that did ISBoxer. JMB is more than just ISBoxer without the software broadcasting - it now includes some ability to swap windows based on keystroke or mouseover or to leave windows in place, but to change focus based on keystroke or mouseover. JMB has the same license requirements as ISBoxer ($15/3 months or $50/year)

    - WoW Open Box, open source software ([WoW] new opensource compliant wow software ( is a free alternative. It handles the renaming and positioning very well. I can't say I've ever tried to do is as a picture-in-picture mode myself though. With this application, you do need to start your clients yourself, then apply the window position to each window - so its 1 or 2 clicks to open each client, then 2 clicks for each client to snap it into place (1 click to select which rule will be applied, then 1 more to apply it).

    - Before JMB and WoW Open Box were out I tried a mix of separate software packages to do window positioning, sizing, etc. That worked "OKish". ShiftWindow was probably the key part of trying to roll-your-own, and if you're doing just mouseover focus control that may be all you need. I used it along with some keyboard macros in synergy to change window focus manually. That combination was a bit more troublesome (it worked, but stuttered a lot), but could be workable with some more effort and polish. (I was pinning 5 copies of wow.exe to my taskbar, then switching based on macro'd command to do <windows key> +1 for client 1, <windows key> +2 for client 2, etc) I needed to find a better way to rename windows/change focus based on keystrokes, but I abandoned that approach to focus on getting set up with JMB and WoW Open Box which both seem more promising.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moorea View Post
    First only freddie has the source

    Second: why not use opensource code that already does everything that is compliant?
    From what I gathered on the hotkeynet website. The old original hotkeynet is open source software. I assume that means the code is free to use for everyone?
    Like I mentioned I don't know anything about coding, I assume one can simply open a program and change code in it. Your post suggest that's not possible and one needs some base code?

    I already looked at the hotkeynet forum and contact options. Freddie was last active a few months ago there.

    I plan on asking him as well directly once I know if it's even possible to do so. That's why I asked here first.

    I am specifically asking about those window and starting features, as I use those even without wanting to multibox, but just for convinience. With the changes now I can't even risk to run the app anymore.

    And the options to switch/arange windows are top notch and easy to script. It seems easier to continue using something that's already working great instead of doing it from the ground up.

    From what I understand openwowbox would profit from those options as well, the gudies on your websites states to open and setup each wow window individually right now.
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    hotkeynet is free to use but not open source no

    before I started from scratch I actually tried to ask freddie if he would make the code open source but he was probably busy and didn’t reply.

    launching wow is in the todo list for Wow Open Box, it’s just that using bnet and capture (ctrl-shift-c) seems more efficient and secure to me as you don’t need to enter your password that way

    if you want to vote up the priority :

    listening to community input is one of the goal of the project
    5,8,10 boxing wow with Wow Open Box and MAMA, give them a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet and ISBoxer)
    Join many boxers playing Classic on US PvP Alliance: <Epic>@Blaumeux
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