Hi all,

while my setup with a synchronizer KVM does work, it's kind of a hassle to get it running, takes a few minutes of prep time logging in, switch monitor input PBP, disabling mouse on slaves etc.

Sometimes I just want to farm a few Eko's in Winterspring for a while and I found a quick way to do so via the mouse wheel.

The method here does not use any software, it's basically manual multiboxing by leveraging the normal mouse wheel function.

WOW does not require the window to be focused for the mouse wheel to work. Mouse wheel scroll up/down will trigger a spell in wow when the mouse is only hovering above a wow window.

This means you can setup your wow windows next to each other, simply scroll your wheel and flick the mouse quickly across all windows within 1 sec, triggering a spell in each window. This works best if you got a mouse that can unlock the mouse wheel (free / hyper scroll) as you only have to scroll once with your index and then move the mouse across all wow windows in a circle pattern.

Example Setup:

1 Warrior (Master) 1 Priest 3 Mage 1 Pala

Warrior is played normally.
Priest Mousewheel Holy Nova
Mages Mousewheel Arcane Explosion
Paladin Mousewheel Consecration

1. Warrior charges in and pulls a few Furbolgs, Chimera or Bears in Winterspring.
2. Slaves simply follow until multiple enemies are gathered in one spot
3. Free scroll mouse wheel or ratch it up/down continously and move mouse in a circle above the slave windows
4. ???
5. Profit and loot Eko's

- Modifier still need window focus, so it's really limited to only wheel up/down (max 2 spells)
- Other actions like Mounting or looting still have to be done manually by focusing / clicking each window

This can obviously done in many different scenarios, maybe not mythic+ dungeons, but it's an easy way to have a multibox light experience in wow.