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    Finally decided to go for 4xman FF XIV, is there a guide somewhere how to set it up in isboxer?
    I used a pro setup in wow, but will start with a basic one this time, feeling a bit rusty.

    What program should I point to in innerspace, there is quite a list. Windows 10 64-bit.

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    check this out - usefull thread I shall warn all of you - most of the dungeons in later game are not really boxable, due to mechanics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedishoyster View Post
    So after Wow classic tbc gold farm (not gonna risk banning now, even with JMB) what would you guys say is the best game to multi-box now? Been trying to 4-man SWTOR, but there is just so hard with no macros, stupid following system and no interact with target, this is a game much more suited for 2-man really, but I really liked 5-man teams in wow.
    I enjoyed Guild Wars 2 as solo, but I've heard they don't allow multi-boxing? LOTRO? Secret World?
    Soon will comes New World! I guess it would be easy to multiboxing there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BobbyKotikMeow View Post
    Soon will comes New World! I guess it would be easy to multiboxing there!
    doubtful considering the mechanics of the game.
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    Old school grind. Really complicated build decisions at the end game.
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