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    Still alive and going strong. 5 Druids is crushing everything. Just finished a +12 - I am almost never grouped in open world and I have each toon in a different guild. Even the rare times I take down say Sha of Anger with all 5 flying in on Boxer Mount, I dismount away from spawn point and run them to the boss and position them in different areas. No one could ever figure it out and I have slight delays in my DPS: So DPS1 delays 1.5 seconds, DPS2 delays 1 second and DPS3 0.5 - Started a new comp BDK/Ele/Ele/Ele/Ele - Its just ridiculous. Destroy dungeons
    Are any of your keys broadcasting more than one stroke at a time? I wonder if they'll detect the old 'assist + interact' key

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    s combined.
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    I have dabbled in retail a few times with 2 toons. I use Hotkeynet and for the slave toon i have follow and one spell (sunfire) for tagging running through it. I use 1 and a mouse key for these and I make sure those keys do nothing on my main toon, and I wait a second or so to press the spells on the slave to make sure they don't cast or act at the same time. I got caught with a vehicle quest tho and casted both at the same time, but I caught myself real quick. Anything besides tagging really I manually tab over and control each character separately. I try to make it look like I'm not running software as best as I can. Of course now with TBC out and mobs taking forever to kill on 1 toon, I'm getting the itch to try this in classic. I only have done this method for 2 5 hour play sessions tho.

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