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Thread: Dungeon Series

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    Haukke Manor. I haven't been playing much FFXIV lately, but I do have a lot of content waiting to be published.

    Probably try to get a video out a week which still puts me at like 3 months of getting all the ARR dungeons posted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by z0k View Post
    I'm making a series of dungeon videos. The goal is to essentially serve as a highlight for what FFXIV has to offer in dungeons and also potentially provide some insight into how I've dealt with certain dungeons/encounters. The first few in the series will absolutely feel like I'm just beating up on the game, but I'm including them to give a full picture of what this game has to offer rather than just waiting for those dungeons that take 3 hours for me to beat and scaring anyone away from the game.

    I'm really not good at making videos, that should be obvious by now. I am working to make them better, definitely willing to take any feedback or criticism you may have. Along with any ideas or things you want to see in other videos. I talked about my comp a little in this first video.

    I will have an aggressive upload schedule this week. Half of the ARR dungeons are a cakewalk, so with production time I can turn around a video fairly quickly. For the longer dungeons, it's going to take me more time to clear the dungeon and it's going to take me more time to clean up the video. Combine that with the fact that I have a ton of free time this week and you should expect to see new videos for this series at an alarming rate this week, but they will slow down in the future.

    I will update this thread when I add a video, the first dungeon, Satasha, is currently included. I'm hoping to get a second dungeon run up either today or tomorrow.

    Link to the playlist -

    Thanks for sharing! Great vids!

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    A quick question, in FF14 are group compositions for DPS mainly ranged? I assume there isn't an 'Interact with Target' equivalent for melee groups as in Wow or am I mistaken?

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    Typically yes ranged will do better, but as default whenever you attempt to attack something your character will auto face that target. So technically you can move your melee to the target but it's a bit more work.
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    Thanks Ellay...have just started levelling a character to get a feel for it and intend to four box soon. It seems good so far, quite enjoying that 'first time' feeling you get in a new MMO!

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