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    Hmmn I wonder how doable boxing 3 would be with this, ema and some gse macros.. has anyone tried?

    Also how safe is it to use, have you contacted a gm about it's functions?
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    GM's will never approve any 3rd party software - they aren't allowed to do that. Even if someone did "approve" it today, the software could be changed tomorrow and then become non-compliant.

    But yes, a few of us have used it without issue - seems safe. This product in particular is all open source, so if you wanted to go look at the source code yourself you could do so.

    I used this along with EMA and some keyboard macros (Synergy) and it worked well - much better than my previous attempts at using separate programs for window management, focus control, etc.

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    WOB is now released, please see the new thread and put feedback and questions there

    (this thread can be locked - thank you!)
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