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    Question Blizzard responds about 'hardware multiboxers'

    Can you show me blueposts from blizzard that telling us that hardware multiboxing is allowed?
    I dont understand why people start spent huge money in hardware without any proofs that is legal?
    Can you explain that please
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    The reasoning is the other way around. They've said multiboxing is allowed but not with input broadcasting software . Nothing has been said about hardware, so in theory atleast that option is still not prohibited since they specifically only forbid one and not the other.

    I do however agree that it is somewhat risky and they could choose to forbid it too, which is why only a handful of people are doing it and most of them had some of the hardware already or a contingency for the hardware in case they would choose to disallow it. It's not really the case that everyone is just going out and buying X amount of new PCs to continue multiboxing WoW.
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    Do keep in mind this is an evolving situation. We don't know where they will land eventually.

    What we also do know is that when the synchronous hardware switches started to make air after the software ban a couple of them sold out immediately. Our community isn't THAT large so anticipate that some hyperspawn farmers and/or botters made their way over to amazon to clean them out.

    Some switches are still in stock so I'm not 100% certain of what happened other than the obvious run from hyperspawn farmers to buy that particular model. What I would bet against is this being the end of the ToS changes. I think the hyperspawn problem will continue to be a problem in Shadowlands and they will eventually adjust their rules again to further hinder or end multiboxing entirely.

    One thing can be said is that since 2013 they've had no issues with stepping on us. So continuing to give them money on the premise they won't step on us in the future is highly suspect.

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    In general Blizzard never says anything is allowed - they only ever say what is not allowed. And when they do that they don't even provide enough detail for us to figure out what exactly that means.

    As for why some of us spend huge amounts of money for stuff that doesn't work, or may not work in the future - its simply because we want to.

    I know several people have started to think of multiboxing almost like a job - they need to farm enough to earn tokens for all their alts. They actually play to make money at this game. I guess that makes sense to some people, and I'm not here to judge what people do with their free time. But if you're looking at hardware multiboxing through that lens - you are correct. This does not make financial sense. You will likely never make back the money spent on the hardware you use to multibox. Most of us playing with all the new ways to multibox within Blizz's new rules are doing it because we like to tinker with new hardware & software. We like figuring out what is possible and what isn't - even if that means we have to spend a lot more money on our hobby. If you're not one of those people, then don't do it - wait for others to figure it out the hard way.

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