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    The initial post at the top of the thread has been updated with everything up to this post. Thanks for submissions thus far and please post to the end of this thread any corrections or new submissions (or if I missed something above). Please link to original sources if from other threads/sites and I will try to include the links in the summary.

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    Had to come back to this thread again - truly a great resource.

    I gave up dealing with the ShuOne KM sync and my non-hardware-programable keypad. There's just many things that you cannot do with the ShuOne, even if you do a lot of remapping of keys at the OS level.

    Ordered a Aimos KM sync and hardware programable keyboard last night (was debating between Redragon K586-PRO vs Corsair K95, went with K586 at 1/2 the price). I think that's the best way anyone has found to get 1 button macro keys for all the functionality you want (switch broadcasting on/off, switch to only single PC, switch mouse input to relative vs absolute).

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