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    Default Mercurio's One-Button GSE Macros for Shadowlands

    Hey fam,

    I things have been a bit tough out there lately, but for those of you still WoWing it up, I thought I'd post some GSE macros I put together. I spent a couple hours on each, looking through Icy-Veins and Wowhead for optimal talent builds and rotations with some modifications with multiboxing in mind. I even loaded up some WeakAuras for each class and tested out the macros on test dummies to try to optimize as best I could.

    Of course, trying to put everything into one button won't lead to the kind of DPS that a player could output, but I tried to get close.

    So here are the GSE macro links to the specs I've posted so far. I hope someone gets some use out of them.

    Shadow Priest -

    BM Hunter -

    Frost Mage -

    Balance Druid -

    Destruction Warlock -

    Brewmaster Monk -

    Protection Warrior -

    I'll post additional ones over time.

    10-boxing Alliance Sargeras and Kil'jaeden

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    Thanks Mercurio!
    really useful in this dark time

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    Thanks Mercurio! I would love give these a try.

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