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    Has anyone been able to macro the Win+1 -> Win+5 port switch binds with the razer synapse software? Trying to macro them to keys 1-5 and im not having any luck. I thought I remember seeing a post where someone was having to open their macro with an "alt' keypress prior to Windows Key down + 1 down + 1 up + Windows key Up
    I can't speak to the synapse part of your question but the OP covers the hot key to swap between winkey and alt. If you stick with winkey you're going to have to use PowerToys or regedit to disable the default windows behavior for those key strokes.

    If you're willing to give up using ALT+1-5 for key binds in game, ALT is an easier hotkey to work with as compared to winkey.
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    Ya, I was hoping to rebind those. I thought I saw a post a couple of weeks ago where someone managed to do it successfully. Im using alt1-5 for now

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