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    Default Party order independent FTL using "enemysign" marks

    The party sorting in XIV doesn't sit right with me, so I tried to come up with something more predictable using enemysign.

    It comes with some trade offs, but I've found it to work well so far.

    • Each time you change areas (Teleport, enter/exit dungeon) you need to re-run a "Mark me" macro.
    • Some folks may not like having marks over their characters heads all the time.

    • Party sort order independence - doesn't matter what role a character is, slot 1 is always slot 1.
    • Marks over your characters heads for finding your team members in a crowd / head of battle.

    How it works

    We use the 4 'shape' enemy marks to identify our four character slots:

    1. square
    2. circle
    3. plus
    4. triangle

    In the "Individual" macros section for each character, create a single "Mark me" macro, using the shape for that slot:

    /micon "square" enemysign
    /mk off <0> <wait.1>
    /mk square <0>
    Put this macro on a hotbar with a broadcast hotkey you find convenient to press, or broadcast click it when needed.

    The purpose of the wait is to make the macro idempotent. Normally, marking an already marked unit will toggle the mark. As written, you'll clear your mark, then mark yourself.

    In the "Shared" macros section for each character, create follow and assist macros for each shape:

    /micon "square" enemysign
    /follow <square>
    /micon "square" enemysign
    /merror off
    /assist <square>
    "merror off" suppresses the macro errors you'll get when assisting a character who doesn't have a valid target.

    Put these macros on hot bars with the appropriate FTL modifiers for your character set. For example: I use F11 for follow and F12 for assist, with FTL modifiers of Shift (Slot 1), Alt (Slot 2), Ctrl (Slot 3), and Alt+Shift (Slot 4). So on each character, my hot bars for follow and assist look like:

    Shape Slot FTL modifiers
    Square 1 Shift
    Circle 2 Alt
    Plus 3 Ctrl
    Triangle 4 Alt+Shift


    "Mark me" macro - different for each slot

    Follow and assist macros - same for each slot

    Hot bar FTL keybinds

    Hot bar macros

    Further reading

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    This is really good stuff Psy-Crow, thank you for the detailed layout.
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    I just implemented this system. Works great from what I can tell. Thanks so much for sharing! One thing to note is that the quick wizard for Isboxer by default uses the slot variable keystroke rather than the FTL slot modifier keystroke. If you wanted to use the default isboxer, you'd need to use Ctrl+Num1-4 and Alt+Num1-4 for the follow and assist macros.

    Not a huge deal either way, but did want to point that out for others that decide to use this.
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