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    Quote Originally Posted by WOWBOX40 View Post
    There were so many possible ways they could have solved this, while allowing us to chill out, do dungeons, raids, world quests, mount collecting etc.etc.

    Well, if they couldnt be assed, i cant be assed to support them either, with all the accounts i used to sub on.

    I bought several pcs etc 11 months ago, new, worth around 14k u.s.d. I sold and shipped my last item today. Total worth around 20k u.s.d, all my gear. Sold all for 3/5 of new price, so not bad at all. Now all i have left is a 3900x, 32 ram, 1tb ssd, a old 1060 6gb vram and 3 monitors. Gonna play 1 wow account, thats it.

    High five all.
    It was fun while it lasted.

    Hope you figure out a legal hardware solution eventually though.

    Only 1 sub to pay for each month, from now on... i feel rich.

    /signing off
    I know the feeling man

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    You did it to yourselves. Not personally you, but YOU who farmed an area and pissed a regular Joe off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EaTCarbS View Post
    *affixes tinfoil hat*

    This was done specifically before an an expansion release because the amount of people resubbing to the game will more than offset the multiboxers quitting.
    No tinfoil in my opinion, I am sure that was a factor.

    i just wonder who they will blame for for “ruining the game” now? All the SACs? (Single Account Players?) I should start a thread on the WoW forums, accusing SACs of ruining the game. If they really cared they would have more than one account. Isn’t it worth an extra $15 a month to ensure good cash flow to deliver a good gaming experience? SACs should be banned for lack of enthusiasm! Down with the SACs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by akourbat View Post
    You did it to yourselves. Not personally you, but YOU who farmed an area and pissed a regular Joe off.
    My understandin is that there were also lots of bots doing automated farming leveraging multibox sofware with automation on top...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truelle View Post
    Most people would argue... someone is buying those tokens for $20... but that's still going to happen with or without multiboxers playing..
    Except the person buying the token was always going to buy the token. The multiboxer will not any longer. Multiboxers aren't taking tokens away from other buyers. They are buying tokens in ADDITION to other buyers. There was never a supply shortage.
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    Multiboxing software just made it THAT much easier for bots to "multi-bot".
    I suspect if innerspace/isboxer and any other software tools had a built in anti-cheat detection to combat the bots (and it actually worked) that we MIGHT not be here in this situation.
    I am not saying that Lax should have built in an anti-cheat or that any of the other software devs should be policing their users lol, that's not really their business, and likely most of us would be up in arms at the type of privacy concerns a built in anti-cheat would cause. There are still people who bitch about how far Warden goes to detect cheats.
    But the massive amounts of bots I've been seeing "multiboxing" was fucking insane. And I knew shit was gonna hit the fan soon because it was WAY out of hand. Every freaking day I was seeing those fuckers running around, and you could tell it wasn't a normal multiboxer just by the way they moved. Following each other EXACTLY step by step, even when turning or going around objects. They weren't actually using /follow, they were following a pre-programmed path.
    Flat banning this software was just the easy/lazy way out for Blizzard to help combat the bots. Will it eliminate botting? Well duh, no. Will it make it easier to catch multiboxing bots? Well duh, ya. Will the bots just go back to single botting or not so obviously "multi-botting"? Most likely. It's possible most of them didn't even use isboxer to bot with, since the subscription cost would just eat into their profit, they probably built their own basic tools or used one of the other free options since they have no need for the powerful tools that were available in isboxer.
    We just got caught in the crossfire pretty hardcore.
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