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    Default Feels good to be back.

    So my original plan was to fly all 6 of my characters as Alpha clones; but luckily I read some stuff on this forum and found out that can't be done-- they need to be paid accounts (RIP MY POOR LITTLE HEART).

    Yeah orrite. Ran some distribution missions on my main (still inactive). Boring. HNNNNG. Decided i'd go back to security mission spamming. So paid for the account (yay level 4 missions) and went to work. Turns out before I quit I converted all my isk into mining related items, ships, so that was amazingly helpful. Then due to the ore redistribution my ezmode Dominix was now 300m JUST FOR THE SHIP (used to be 60-80m!).

    Since I didn't want to haul orcas, hulks, etc to jita to sell. I needed a new plan.
    I had 100m in isk. Sitting in Jita. Spinning newb ships.

    Reading local chat. Getting up to speed with all the scammers.
    'Ship Giveaway!! Frigate style, get in quick!'

    Some chick posted a 23m ship for 777k isk. Nice, I bought it super quick. She then did the usual 'Congrats Kayley' in chat. She posted another ship, then another. I was speedy, I checked to make sure they were the right item each time; ended up with 5 ships (valued at 115m). Then she started weaving in the 'scam'. Overpriced ships or T1 varients. But I got what I needed.

    So we are at 200m-sh (after fees from the ship sales). I need 100m for the ship and another 150m for the setup! HMMMMM.

    'Isk Doublers' ! The old 'send me isk and I send you back double/triple' scam. There were 3 people spamming local trade chat with their 'rules' and how to play. I tried chatting to the first two, they didn't speak english (but their bot advertised in english lol). The third guy? Oh he responded and talked to me. You know how it is, I played up the newb damsel in distress and said I had 1b isk but I was too shy to play. He ended up suggesting I try a smaller amount first. To show he was 'legit'. I casually mention 200m, he says 'go for it but read the rules'. So I gambled. Sent him 200m and a few minutes later he sent me 600m back and announced in chat I 'won' triple.

    Now I have 600m! I can buy the Dominix and setup yay.
    He then starts asking when I feel lucky enough to try 1b isk. I decline. He rages and calls me many oldschool names (ahhh eve I love you).

    I'm now in my Dominix with sentries semi-afking level 4 missions!
    Re-learn all the missions in my area and then i'll do what another multi-boxer does. Try and run 3-5 accounts, doing individual missions on each of them.

    It begins!
    (P.S Long live Goonswarm!)

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    Welcome back. There are much more efficient isk making methods than running missions. Look into doing abyssals.
    EVE Online Get Ships. Train Skills.

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    Sweet. I'll look into it. Thanks.

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