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    Default Some potential good news?

    I only started multiboxing a little over a month ago. So still very new to this, I have to say with the news about multiboxing I was quite disappointed, because while I have played WoW on and off since Vanilla release it really brought an awesome new dimension to playing.

    All that aside I contacted Blizzard for some clarification (like I am sure many did) not sure if it helps or not (main focus is on last GM's reply, just for clarity these are 2 different GM’s, I just put whole convo for context). I redacted my own name and the names of the GM's. I am not one for putting someone in the spotlight if they have gone out of their way to help.

    From my reading of it I don't think multiboxers were necessarily the target and just got more in the corssfire in the battle against bots.

    Sorry not sure why images are so small, but bigger/clearer links to images below.

    I know I have not been a part of this community and I am fighting against the tragedy of the commons, but can we as a community try to avoid extreme/excessive farming etc before we lose hardware boxing too?

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    you're asking people who didnt care before to start caring now. they never used multiboxing to play the game, and honestly the botters are still going to multibox and they outnumber us 100:1. This is out of our control, and the best the hardware boxers can hope for is that blizzard is being clear and they arent opposed to multiboxing and that they are really only interested in stopping botters.

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    I guess the focus was more on what the GM said, as oppose to my request which I know will likely get ignored. IE Tragedy of the commons reference.

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    but we allso got this one - that says no - it has to be manual input
    Eonar - EU

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    Looks like weasel words to me. Sure, drop a few hundred more on our game for a more garbage experience. So we can ban you later when we feel like it and the refund window has largely passed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMilitia View Post
    Looks like weasel words to me. Sure, drop a few hundred more on our game for a more garbage experience. So we can ban you later when we feel like it and the refund window has largely passed.
    I didn't get that sense, and what I mean is I do believe that GM's are a little in the dark as much as we are, I think he basically stated, as far as we are concerned by the letter of the law, software is out, that's it, that's all we have to go off.

    I believe the GM in Tin's comment above is trying to read into the spirit of the rule change and somewhat taking the law into his own hands, and would likely be open to appeal. Unfortunately where there is a little bit of grey some GM's are going to exercise a bit of discretion.

    In fact when looking at the third example in Tin's GM comment, it completely contradicts the GM's assertions as it would be multiple manual inputs, not a single input. Personally I think that GM was talking out of turn.

    Just my opinion.
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    I just feel now that it's time to give up on boxing WoW. I boxed since TBC myself. They could have limted accounts to 5, and if you got caught with more than that all accounts played would get a ban, but no. They could have stopped nodes being multi-tap or have made all herbs have a chance to drop Zin (like Frost Lotus in Wrath)

    I actually think the reason this happened was because Blizz had lost so many subs with the Shadowlands release delay leading to refunds. The free weekend with the banning of input broadcasting (made to look like boxing was banned) was all just to curry some favour and try to make players think that they do listen, that they do care.

    They brought this all on themselves with the token and the balance being able to be used to buy any Blizzard product or service. Add to this multi-tap nodes and of course there would always be people/bots going to the extreme, sadly ruining it for legit boxers like myself who played only to run my own dungeons/islands for fun.

    The sad thing is while they say it's to stop bots it won't - they will carry on as before

    I no longer trust them with my money - it's over for me.
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    We are all shocked but we have to accept that (legal) multiboxing in wow is history.

    It doesn't make any sense that blizzard will tolerate hardware boxing if you can achieve a similar functionality compared to software boxing.

    If you really want to continue multiboxing you have to use some kind of a bot that let each char behave like a none boxed char (+ separate hardware, intelligent /asynchron key broadcasting etc )

    But ofc this is also against ToS.

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