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    Default Is EMA against Tos?

    I found a workable but somewhat challenging way to box using just EMA and checking "Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse" in Windows Control Panel>Ease of Access>Ease of Access Center>Make the mouse easier to use.

    I saw someone boxing on twitch using this method by simply pressing the attack key, in my case the 1 key, while mouseing over each of the windows over and over which activates the window when the mouse goes over it. It takes some practice but actually works okay but this setup relies on EMA for follow. I think if EMA is okay this method is okay as the spells are only cast when the mouse is over the window and the attack key is pressed at the same time. DPS takes a hit and the toons are not as mobile but can be if you are quick to move them with the mouse over their screen. A ways from isboxer but I was able to run an instance this way.

    I'm not really sure how EMA works so I don't know if it is broadcasting anything in a way Blizz doesn't like.
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    EMA is an addon... It runs in the API "sandbox" that Blizzard have given for addon developers to work with. I.e. it can only do things Blizzard has specifically allowed addons to do, so no, I would not be worried about it whatsoever. If they do happen to find EMA's follow problematic in the future, they can simply disable the functionality it relies on.

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