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    Quote Originally Posted by Kurkis493 View Post
    So you could not do 1 PC w/ 4 Linux VMs and VPNs on each with lets say your keyboard only working on the main screen and then have something like a Tartarus connected to the 4, VMs because Warden will see what you are doing?
    I don't know that we know for sure to say one way or the other...

    If you are 5boxing and your 4 are following your main and all fireing at the same time you could well be setting yourself up for action. They can tell that you are in party together and looking like a bot or boxer regardless of how you VPNed to get there.

    It is clear that they don't want any automation and that they now want 1 human input causing only 1 action in 1 client (not multiple clients). If you do it and it is hardware based then you may be OK based on the current policy wording focusing on software... You could maybe make it separate inputs by using different keybinds in each client such that any one key only causes an action in 1 client.

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    Yeah I was thinking, healing off the mouse like I do currently. Then having 1-9 my tank and then 1-9 the 3 DPS all using their own modifiers like ctrl, shift and alt.

    I use the thumb stick on the Tartarus for modifiers so easy for me.

    I'd also just hide in instances to reduce exposure. Would never multi-box open world.
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    Here is an example of someone 5boxing paladin+3Mage+Priest on 1 single PC with no extra 3rd party software:

    I may try that instead of the 4 quadrant approach on 1 PC with the healer on the 2nd PC and see how it goes. I have carpul tunnel so I am going to try to use the mouse-over feature that makes a given window be in the foreground when you are over it rather than clicking on each window like he is.
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    I think there's 2 different approaches people are working on for no-broadcast multiboxing that both seem promising (I'm excluding hardware broadcasting and broadcasting with VM setups from this discussion). Both of these no-broadcast approaches are essentially finding ways to rapidly switch windows such that you can provide input to only that window, then switching to the next window providing input there, etc.

    1) Mouse-Switching: Opening multiple clients then configuring your system's focus to change with just a mouse-over, such that the user can rapidly mouse over multiple windows and provide input to each one in rapid succession.

    A) Windows without boarders
    - This Microsoft utility works to share your mouse and keyboard across multiple PCs (its a "software KVM" utility). But instead of having to switch your keyboard, video and mouse with a button on your KVM switch, you can just mouse between the different screens and whichever system has focus is automatically switched to whichever screen has the mouse cursor. Note that the software is internally limited to only 4 systems, so to 5-box (or greater) you still need separate keyboard, mouse and monitor for the 5th system. This utility does seem particularly good where you have multiple video feeds multiplexed onto a single monitor (there's a few 43" monitors that have this multi-client multiplexing built in, otherwise and external video multiplexer is required.

    B) Synergy/Synergy Core/Input Director/Barrier
    - I need to find the links and do some comparison against windows without boarders. I think the functionality that people want that windows without boarders doesn't is the ability to scale to 5 or more PC's

    C) Windows Accessibility - "Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse"
    - Fundamentally different than the above approaches, this can all be contained on a single PC (no additional hardware required). Instead of switching monitors based on mouse position, this approach is to switch windows within a single PC based on mouse position. I expect that this is where the different multiboxing software utilities could also be re-engineered to help

    2) Keyboard-Switching: Opening multiple clients and using keyboard input to rapidly switch which window has focus.
    These are all somewhat clunky options on their own, but if combined with a programmable keyboard, they can be quite fast (as fast as you can hit a key) and convenient (can program the focus shifts into a "rotation" along with your in-game dps rotation)

    A) "ALT-TAB" is generally the 1st option people think of here, but its probably the least preferred option as you still have to select which window you want to gain focus, so that involves additional key presses. Still you can improve the speed of alt-tabbing through windows by disabling windows 10 preview feature and for folks using multiple desktops, you can limit alt-tab to only your current desktop

    B) Windows + 1, Windows + 2, etc - allows the user to directly switch to specific windows, but does require you to have these windows open an positioned in a specific manner on your taskbar. But there's confirmation required like there is on alt-tab. For people who want to hard program specific actions regardless of where you are in your screen focus "rotation", this may the best option (e.g. you could program a keyboard button to switch focus to your healer's wow client, then heal your tank)

    c) "ALT-ESC" switches to the next window that's already open on your taskbar

    Where I really see some added utility needed is to combine 1C, 2B and/or 2C into a multiboxing friendly software package, similar to how ISBoxer and Keyclone used to allow you to set up window control. I could see some added utility in allowing windows mouseover and/or keyboard focus control to be configurable (easy to turn on and off, re-assign to other keys and potentially only allow keys or mouseover focus to switch to WoW windows, while ignoring other windows)
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    Don't we just need software that will switch to a specific screen, hit a button, then switch back? I feel like thats already possible with ISboxer. Wether we get away with it or not is the question.

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    That question has already been answered - you cannot get away with it. Blizz is actively looking for ISBoxer. LAX agrees (the maker of ISBoxer) and has told all users not use ISBoxer for WoW anymore.

    But yes, that was a core component of ISBoxer as well as Keyclone - so it shouldn't be difficult to strip out just the window control features into a stand-alone application. This added utility isn't actually required - you can do without it and just manage your windows yourself with nothing other than built-in windows settings. I just want to make that more user friendly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pak View Post
    Don't we just need software that will switch to a specific screen, hit a button, then switch back? I feel like thats already possible with ISboxer. Wether we get away with it or not is the question.
    everything is sketchy because blizzard give the generic response “ no software “ that rules out everything, we may work round it but we need harder evidence what is ok and what is not ok.

    using modified is boxer may not be allowed as it will flag and probably have to get unbanned every 5 minutes as the argument is, no broadcasting being used.

    very risky atm

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    I should have been more clear - I don't think a user modification to ISBoxer or Keyclone will be sufficient. It will take the ISBoxer and Keyclone developers to develop an entirely new product. I just mean that they already have the code developed to do that, so it should be a simple fork - no need to greenfield a whole new project.

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    What I understand is that LAX is working on a windows manage only version - with some of the same thing we had with ISboxer
    easy team setup, layout and load
    Eonar - EU

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    I have been documenting the various approaches and setups I have seen and the various utilities &/or hardware to support them in the following spreadsheet tab:

    The cyan/light-blue hi-lighted links have info on "mouse-over Focus" options that are available and how to enable/disable them (most people want to b able to toggle it on/off so the utility 'Xmouse Controls' is likely the best option for most folk. The 2 cyan video links show samples of what boxing is like via a "mouse-over Focus" configuration.

    The light green hi-lighted links labeled "Fuii-Boxing" links to info on the "WoW client launcher / window manager" that Matricus/Fuii shared.

    There are also multiple other sections:
    - example videos of configs in action;
    - sample Layouts people are using;
    - various OS areas to investigate;
    - Various Utility addons for WoW;
    - Various Utilities for fine tuned controlling of FPS/Windows/shortcuts/etc;
    - Various Hardware options that boxers may want to look at during this trying time;

    Note: At the bottom of that tab is VARIOUS COMMENTS AND OTHERWISE CATEGORIZED INFO... Working on categorizing what I can but the amount of info/ideas flowing in the Forums and in Discord is somewhat staggering...
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