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    Default I know you guys and gals are down but..

    It'll pass. I basically quit multiple times and think I hit my end about 5 months ago. A lot of thoughts went through my mind about how I would fill the void. I hated the game and couldn't bring myself to do Classic seeing I did it when it was live 15 years ago. It was a big void. I multiboxed the game since 2008 and really in all honesty had a blast most of those years. The last 6 left me wanting and in truth I think I could have spent my money and time better elsewhere.

    I'm much more confident in that now having played Subnautica, Terraria, Amnesia, much more Path of Exile/Fallout 4 and a lot of other offline games. WoW was truly a toxic addiction. Fun but expensive for what it was. In many ways it was always trash. Just more so in the latter years. Other games do the hardcore experience better. WoW MBing was unique in a sense but really so is playing Path of Exile standing on your head. At a certain point it's just you chasing an arbitrary goal.

    You won't miss it nearly as much as you think you do right now. You'll adapt to it, change because of it and most likely become a better person for it.

    PS: If you haven't I highly recommend Subnautica (HC for the tough guys out there). One of the most cherished games of recent memory for me and something that was eclipsed by my toxic love affair with WoW for so many years. We have a huge backlog of great experiences to visit now. Get to it!

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    There is two possible solutions:

    1.) Adapt. Play a solo account. Or try hardware boxing, if you are a gambler kind of person.
    2.) Quit.

    I chosed first, and return to be a solo char player. No mourning, no hate for blizzard and no old god summoning ritual will bring back the fun of software driven multiboxing. So.. lets not try to change things we cannot change.

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    I quit once since I started in 2007. I could'nt stand to live without it, so I came back after a couple of months. I really am so addicted. It's time I try again. Subnautica sounds interesting, I love underwater exploring and monsters. After so many years with third-person view, it will probably take some getting used to the first person view again. I returned to Half-Life a few times, and found that I kept trying to "back out" of the view.

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    My guild of 8ish years transferred to a horde server in february that gives me lag. I was experimenting with a couple of other servers and boxing but haven't found a new home. I'm sure I'll play shadowlands at some point but not in a hurry now.

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