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The auto-follow that EMA and other addons use is part of the blizzard API - blizzard put that into the game. If Blizzard decides they don't like it, they'll take it out and the addon won't work anymore. But there's no grey area there - blizzard put in that feature. Why shouldn't we use it?

If EMA was some external software that plugged in through the OS or something similar, I could understand your hesitancy. But its an addon - it can only what blizz allows it to do.

In the history of WoW Blizz has indeed changed their code a few times to break addons from doing what was previously allowed (They just did that with wow classic and a LFG type addon.) But Blizz has never taken any action against an addon user for something like that.
Yup! the only thing I would avoid though is strobing - even if it's possible for addons to time things, I think anything in such loop is asking for trouble and it'd be sad we loose follow entirely as a result