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    Default How many accounts have you unsubscribed?

    How many accounts have you unsubscribed in response to the ToS change?

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    its 2013 all over again
    EVE Online Get Ships. Train Skills.

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    four here :C

    waiting to see whats done with VM

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    I stopped all 11 and moved game time from 4 back to primary bnet
    will probably keep 6 or at least 2 to keep addons alive (mama, dynamicboxer, neatminimap, ahdb etc)
    5,8,10 boxing wow with Wow Open Box and MAMA, give them a try!
    (was 8 Boxing Wow with HotKeyNet and ISBoxer)
    Join many boxers playing Classic on US PvP Alliance: <Epic>@Blaumeux
    Was streaming on

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    I stopped all 6 of mine but mine were month to month and still had some game time on most/all of them...

    I could just renew them like nothing happened if I want to (but I am not 100% sure I want to).

    Since I have and plan to keep the ShadowLand's Collector's Edition I likely will renew at least my primary account at some point and explore ShadowLands though possibly just on 1 account on a class that is good solo (BM Hunter, Demon Hunter, maybe Paladin, etc)...
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    5 accounts. WOW is finished.

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    All 5 here, too.
    Can't go back so SBing.
    Won't invest in a HW solution as Blizzard might change their mind next week, next year, whenever they feel like it.

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    Same, all 10 (me + mrs) accounts are done now.
    Wasn't intending on playing wow for a long time, this has been the final push.
    Kul Tiras - EU: [A] Prot Pala +3x Shaman + Mage @ 110
    Lots of others around 85

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    All 10.

    Not rewarding them for dumb ideas regardless of what it is. I gave them probably 2 years of hopeful money that they would change but they haven't. Looking forward to Morhaime's next project as I think that is our guy for reviving the genre.

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