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    Default My Current Plan

    I'm still trying to build this in my head - feel free to add on any recommendations. My goal is simply to set up a hardware multibox such that I can run my own dungeons in Classic and hopefully a TBC-Classic.

    I'm looking at 5 physical PCs, connected to 2 monitors (1 for my main, the other split into 4 screens for my followers). Simultaneous keyboard control will be via my Razer Tartarus Pro keypad connected via a USB multicaster - sending that keypad input to all 5 PC's the same time. I'll adjust the keybindings on both the keypad and on each of the wow clients such that there's only a handful of keys bound on my followers. I'm also looking at a traditional mouse and keyboard connected only to my main PC, then a 2nd traditional mouse and keyboard connected and shared between the other 4 PC via Mouse without Boarders (or some other sort of software KVM).



    USB Multicaster/KVM:

    Software Mouse/Keyboard sharing:

    At the moment I don't have the monitor above and while I really like that approach, I want it in a 32" version (my current display setup is 3 monitors with a 32" center and smaller monitors in portrait on sides - but I was already looking to switch to 3x 32" monitors anyway). If I can't find a 32" multi-client monitor, I may look at something like this to feed 4 1080P inputs into a single 4k monitor. I haven't found a good 4k @60Hz 4x1 multiviewer yet that isn't over $1000 yet though - anyone have other suggestions?

    I plan to do some limited testing this weekend. I already have 3 monitors and 3 PCs on my desk and the USB multicaster arrives late today, so I can begin testing tonight.
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    Check out (Barrier) for the software KVM. It is a fork of Synergy and in my experience much better. Not to mention it is opensource and free!

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    If you deliberately try to get around something you know to be a direct ToS violation it's just a matter of time before you get banned.

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    I just saw this on Amazon... looks interesting!

    Edit - Nevermind, it does not do PiP Too good to be true
    Edit2 - Now I am on the hunt! This one only does 1080p max but it looks promising: Might be worth a shot at $55
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    Thanks Jak for linking from one of the Classic WoW sub-forum threads to here so I would also notice this thread).

    I agree that much proposed in this thread may not be a violation of the current "letter of the law" but certainly is a violation of the "spirit of the law" and will likely get banned at some point if it rises to the attention of Blizz enough...

    I will subcribe to this thread and maybe contribute some thoughts but do want to raise concerns that I think that any multi-client broadcasting (whether software or hardware based) is the wrong direction for the community (just like I repeated spoke out against trying to MultiBox in classic BGs and multiboxers rez-wiping raids were building hate against our community and just asking Blizz to take action)...

    Heads up that there are the following semi-related threads that folk may want to also keep up with:

    • No broadcast software ideas for multiboxing : Similar to this thread but the focus is more on no broadcasting of any single keystroke/action to multiple wow clients (solutions with out without hardware multi-target broadcasting are discussed but we are trying to identify which may break the spirit of the law and which do not).
    • Best Teams for no broadcast multiboxing : This thread is focused on devising [Classic] Wow teams that use no broadcasting of single actions to multiple game clients (via software NOR hardware). This is by trying to build around classes which can fulfill roles via "periodic rotations" (for lack of a better term) that just requrie you to be on a given client for a few seconds and then function on their own for awhile (6-14 seconds or indefinitely without automation nor broadcasting). At least one good example for Retail WoW was brought up though that thread is focused on Classic and likely Retail should be in it's own thread.
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    This Thanksgiving it looks like Blizzard has changed their tastes from Turkey to Duck.

    If something "quacks like a duck" it is likely going to be eaten just like a duck and pushing it will likely get our community a clarification we don't want/need (that hardware duplication is also against the ToS)...

    I can tell you from experience that the Dell 43 Ultra HD 4k Multi Client Monitor (P4317Q) works well for bringing in 4 PC inputs for games (including WoW). I have 5 kids and that Dell is in our "kid office" where I sometime play WoW or other games with my kids and I mirror their PCs to the Dell so I don't have to keep turning my head to see their PC screens to help them (I am disabled retired from the Military with both back and neck injuries from multiple parachuting mishaps so I can't do that a bunch).

    Regarding alternatives I know there are several cheaper 43 inch models out there but don't know of any smaller models. My oldest kid was recently appointed to a US Service Academy and I did some research on the most cost effective smaller 4K screen for school and came up with the BenQ EL 2870U and recommended that to other parents and cadets/midshipmen and everyone who has tried it loves it. Everyone who comes to my kids "dorm" room loves it and freak out about it because it is "gaming quality". The barracks (dorms) have very limited size restrictions so I didn't really look at 4K options between 28" & the 43" 4K Dell that I already have but you can review my research which includes some 32" options that may help you. One of those coupled with the 4K multiviewer/splitter (haven't tested any splitters myself) may work in a more budget friendly manner compared to the Dell (or even other 43" alternatives).

    For cheap PCs with decent graphics I would look for low cost AMD APU solutions as even older ones can blow away the most current built in Intel Iris graphics and are cheaper to boot... For each kid I built fairly inexpensive and small 4core AMD APU machines with 16 GB each that work great (8GB would have been fine but I had multiple 8GB sticks available when I upgraded my workstation to 128GB for testing Oracle DBs so I just threw them into the kid PCs). You can use small motherboards and a small SSD/M2 and they are blazing fast for 1 wow client. To give you an idea of how powerful they are most of the time I also ran 3-4 ArcheAge (AA) clients minimized in the background for free labor regen and just periodically connect from my home office via to each kid PC in the "kid office" to burn/use the free AA labor (just briefly bring the AA clients to the Foreground and start a labor burn and put it to the background) and the kids could still play 1 Wow or Minecraft in the foreground fine with the AA clients processing in the background...

    Edit: Regarding the Dell I remember reading in the documentation that there was software that allowed the mouse and maybe the keyboard float to control the other quadrants even if they were from other PCs (and maybe had hotkeyable switching)... I never had any reason to use that so haven't tested it and don't remember the details but that may be a solution for fast and seamless switching between upto 4 clients... A four 1080P video to 4K video solution may rule that out so that is something to consider...
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    Just a quick update that my hardware USB multicaster is delayed by Amazon. Now saying delivery Sun-Monday. I'll post once I have hardware in hand and start testing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jak3676 View Post
    Just a quick update that my hardware USB multicaster is delayed by Amazon. Now saying delivery Sun-Monday. I'll post once I have hardware in hand and start testing.
    Mine arrived today along with a one hand keyboard. Setup was easy and it works well, only time will tell if I'll get a warning/ban lol.

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    For at least now my respectful request to fellow members of the multiboxing community is to please minimize open world multiboxing and multiboxing interaction with other players for at least until the pitchforks are put away and the bonfires they are throwing us witches on burns out... Terrorizing or attacking or showing off in front of other players is just asking to get our community more screwed and ideally folk should only box in instances. I would also ideally entirely stop or at least heavily minimize any simultaneous actions, whether hardware enabled or software enabled, as you are just asking for another Nuke to be dropped on us all by Blizzard.

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