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    Default So... hardware multiboxing?

    Yesterday's "multiboxing ban" ( specifically prohibits "input broadcasting software". I'm assuming that effectively bans all the mutliboxing software that we generally use, e.g ISBoxer, HKN/AHK, Keyclone, etc.

    In today's policy update (, Blizzard did clarify that multiboxing (owning and playing multiple accounts at the same time) is still OK - just that you can't use "input broadcasting software". Why they specifically prohibit "software" instead of more generic ban on "input broadcasting tools", "utilities" or some other wording I don't now. But that does seem to leave a gap open for hardware multiboxing.

    There's a whole other discussion to be had about whether a hardware solution would still be violating the intent of what Blizzard did, or whether anyone (including Blizzard) would even be able to tell the difference. Maybe they'd just ban you anyway - seems like that's already happening based on nothing more than mass reporting.

    This thread isn't to say that a hardware solution is OK by Blizzard, but I do think its an idea worth exploring. What the options, what are the pro's and con's? I'm scared to even fire up any of the software utilities even if I turn off broadcasting entirely, but that's also a discussion for some another thread.

    Generally speaking, hardware is a more expensive solution - and the performance likely isn't as good as the purpose built software we're all used to dealing with. But please share any tips/tricks or test results that may be useful.

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    Looking at doing this with physically separate PCs seems daunting. Even you look at used i5/i7 systems with low-end dedicated graphics you're probably looking at a minimum of $200 per PC, closer to double that if you want anything new or with decent specifications.

    Monitors would be another discussion - easiest may be to just get a group of 4, cheap monitors for all your subs, or they make large monitors that can split screen to handle quad inputs. I'll look into other options for managing a 4-way split screen, but its perfectly doable in hardware as well as software.

    Hardware Keyboard Multicaster: For keyboard control, my 1st thought is to look at something like this; 1 keyboard input, with multiple simultaneous outputs. This site makes versions for 2-8 connections, some on USB and some on the old-school PS/2 style keyboards. Its not particularly cheap option - $400 for the 5-port USB version, and then you still need 5 separate PC's to run WoW on.

    Hardware programable KVM:
    I need to find the make/model we have at work, but at it's core it looks similar to the multicaster above, but its generally for using your 1 keyboard and mouse to jump between different systems - 1 at a time. But you can do the switch without leaving your keyboard - I think the default is alt-F1 for PC1, alt-F2 for PC2, etc. But I'd assume this could also be macro'd. And if you want all your monitors active at one time, just don't hook them um through the KVM - wire them directly. If this could be macro'd into your standard attack sequence it may be workable - KVM's are generally cheaper than the multicasters above. (Or maybe someone could look at programable KVMs and see if there's a way to program them for multiple simultaneous input.)

    This isn't technically a "hardware" solution, but VMWare is pretty close to it - you still have all the pain of managing separate PC's, but those PCs exist only within software - all running on your host PC. For those who have already invested in a big beefy PC, VMWare may work. There are issues with GPU support from within a virtual machine (it generally doesn't work well). But I read that the 3000 Nvidia GPUs are supposed to have better VM support.

    Mouse support across multiple systems: For mouse support my thought is not to run the mouse through a multicaster/KVM, but instead run something like mouse without borders or synergy ( to let your single mouse move across the different PC's - 1 mouse, no cursor or click duplication at all. We've used similar systems at work on servers before - there's generally some noticeable lag when switching between systems, but it may be tolerable for those few times when you need mouse control on a separate toon.

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    Other possible hardware options - not certain this is what we need, but I think so? Much cheaper than the vectra model above.

    Also a blue post today that seemingly indicated hardware multiboxing would be OK.

    "The focus of the announcement yesterday was prohibiting Input Broadcast Software, no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware. Keyboards/mouse macros and functionality, assuming they work within our policies (i.e. do not use the keyboard macro to do something beyond what our in-game macro could do), is generally fine." This looks like the best (quick and cheap) option to begin some hardware multiboxing. I just ordered, and it arrives here tomorrow. I'll let you know it goes.
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    Thanks for this, I'm ordering right now and will be sure to post back with how I like it. Having to swap from a 10 box down to a 5 box due to only have 5 PCs is a bummer but it's better than not being able to multibox at all.

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    There were many of us using multi PCs to box before. I am reluctant to do it now until we know 100% that we can without being banned. I (we) already are losing all the money and time ( decade+) spent on WoW boxing. Im not even sure I would want to again.
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    It's a trap.

    Remember they're not ever going to stop you from purchasing multiple copies of the game. They will and have been increasingly more intolerant of playing them simultaneously.

    The day will come where they won't let you use two at the same time, ever and you will have serious regrets about the time and money you continued to pour into it. They are not obligated to honor their past agreements. To the contrary 2013-2020 shows this.

    I believe this is why they used weasel words. Think about it. If they're not alright with software multiplexing why would they be fine with hardware multiplexing? It's the same thing. It just allows them to keep siphoning money off of people they clearly don't want around.

    The sooner you all realize this the better. Like me you have more disposable cash for your hobby than most do. Put that to good use. Hurt them financially by not supporting them. Let the company know that you won't be suckered again.

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    There was another blue post that specifically said:

    "Just to be clear, we have never SUPPORTED multi-boxing, but it was allowed - still is matter of fact, just not in the way you may have been doing it. You can still have as many license as you like online at a time, you just need to control them individually now."

    I bolded the last part as that right there, in my opinion, kills even hardware multi-boxing. I'm not familiar with the different blue names over there, so don't know if this is some lowly blue forum moderator posting their opinion, or if this is the actual stance of Blizzard as a whole. Because with that bolded statement, GM's can just ban you on the spot no questions asked if they see multi-box-like behavior...

    It kind of contradicts the blue post from:

    So who the hell knows lol.
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    Uhhhh... it's more about the removal of that 'grey area' in which their resources were wasted trying to discern who is multiboxing, who is botting, who is just using software stupidly etc. When they enforce this (not just give the warnings) it will make it so much simpler for them to ban those doing wrong. But meh, i'll keep it on topic.

    You guys who choose to go the hardware route? Have fun!! Make sure you enjoy yourselves. Sincerely. Also make sure to post video's as I've always been a sucker for mboxing dungeon running.

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