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    Thanks again! I looked briefly att FFXIV, and I do like the graphics. t also seems to have a free trial. I will try it out in the weekend.

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    I have not boxed ffxiv since before the first expansion. It was fun for some open world stuff.. but difficult in dungons.
    Currently 5 Boxing 5 Protection Paladins on Whisperwind Alliance
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    A thought that didn't initially occur to me about FFXIV: There are several moments, particularly as you get into the expansions, where there are some 8-man trials that are compulsory in the story, roughly four of them each expansion.

    These are going to be incredibly awkward moments. Whilst they aren't hard content casually, if you are queuing a 4-box into them and you're going in blind, there's likely to be mechanical challenges that, to put it mildly, could cause friction with the poor group you end up chucked in.

    As a mitigation to this, it is possible to enter these as an "undersized party". When you do this, the game doesn't sync you to the encounter's level. Levelling in FFXIV is not a problem: there is MORE than enough xp to go around, so you will absolutely be able to clear 8-man trials with a 4-box if you go into them with gear that's about 10 character levels ahead of the trial. This provides a viable route for clearing these trials for everything but the most recent expansion, where you might be forced to do each of the four trials four times, once with each character, if you want to avoid potential embarrassment.

    There's also a chain of 3 24-man raids that's now compulsory, but they're insanely easy zerg fests nowadays, I'm not sure I'd even notice if someone else was multi-boxing during them.

    ...Come to think of it, clearing the extreme trials and savage raids from the previous expansion with a 4-box might actually be a really interesting challenge.

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    I thought FF14 was the same as WoW is now - no software can be used to box? They don't even allow addons.

    I'd ask support before you drop any money on it.

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    Thanks for various input. For my part, I'm going to take a break from boxing for now, and just play normally and give FFXIV a try. I try to avoid group content with other players, but I can do it if it's really necessary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andreauk View Post
    I thought FF14 was the same as WoW is now - no software can be used to box? They don't even allow addons.

    I'd ask support before you drop any money on it.
    Explicitly? No. Here is the list of behaviours that are banned in FFXIV. There is no specific reference to multiboxing, or using multiple clients (other than a prohibition against using multiple accounts for rank manipulation).

    If Square Enix didn't like what they see and wanted to? Yes. There is a prohibition against "Creating, distributing, using, or promoting utilities that interact with the game". It's worth mentioning, however, that there has been similar language in the Blizzard EULA for WoW since forever, all the time we have been playing it, so the existence of such a clause is not necessarily a de facto ban on multi-boxing using ISBoxer or whatever.

    It's also worth mentioning that this clause is often invoked in the FFXIV community when discussing ACT and other combat log parsers. ACT is used by a pretty significant portion of the community, and the only time I can remember that anyone has ever been actioned for using it was when a bunch of Japanese world-first raiders used ACT data to bully and harass other players. (This incident is literally what brought about the game's current anti-harassment policy).

    Under this precedent, particularly as multi-boxing is just not a thing you ever really see in FFXIV, I would assume the principle of "if you aren't being a jerk to anyone or impeding anybody's play, we'll keep taking your money" will hold.

    As Andreauk says, though, you may want to exercise caution pushing your money onto the table.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skyton View Post
    Ashe of Creation but we have to wait ^^ ! They talked about it and they will allow multibox.
    They've already said multiboxing will not be allowed.

    Current Intrepid stance - Players are allowed to own multiple accounts, but may not launch multiple game clients from the same computer. Players may not use any software to automate character actions or mimic keystrokes.
    Quote Originally Posted by RedSorc View Post
    Rift is a very boxer friendly game but it's pretty much a dead game last I heard. Server populations are down to a few hundred players.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dustofoblivion View Post
    I'm personally gonna keep playing WoW Retail and Classic until they give me a warning. After that, I'm done with Blizzard games for good. 16 years of my life on this game all thrown out the window, not easy to digest. I might wait for Ashes of Creation's release to see if it's multibox-friendly.
    I just got my warning last night from blizzard.

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    RedSorc motivated me...

    I boxed SWTOR for years and really liked it but quit about a year after all my friends stopped playing (maybe was when ArcheAge launched but my memory is vague). In SWTOR you can 4 box but I actually recommend 2 boxing with a ranged tank (Trooper?) and ranged healer (gunslinger?) and 2 Mercenaries for DPS. It has a fun story to go though with lots of video and story content that changes based on your class and choices (light/neutral/dark and love interests) and is frankly worth it from the story alone. This probably would be the one I would mutlibox if I hadn't already.

    I played DDO at least weekly for many many years with a static group until my old D&D friends started getting tired of it (we did for over 5 years). It has an infinite progression system with past-lives and huge option of races/classes and Epic Destinies and tons of great content dungeons (many you can solo with the right classes/builds) and is worth doing for that alone. You can have a few alts that you leave at the entrance or use in king of the hill type fights but otherwise it isn't really multiboxable. That being said I really enjoyed it and if you join a fun guild you could have years of fun.

    Legacy ArcheAge (AA) does not outlaw multiboxing as far as I know but multiple AA clients never worked very well under ISboxer. I typically ran between 20-30 AA accounts (2-4 Patron with the rest Free to Play) and for many years had the best weapon on the servers (I crafted one of the first Mythic Obsidian hybrid weapons in AA). While ISboxer didn't work well for multiboxing AA I did however play my main Archeage client "solo" under ISboxer for many years until that broke so now I just use Logitech G buttons on my keyboard/mouse. I have dropped down to just 2 Patrons to hold my primary land and still do dailies and events and sometime world boss fights (my gear is still competitive) and it is OK sometimes but not that much fun to me anymore. Most of my friends quit AA or went to ArcheAge Unchained so I have to help former enemies or asshats if I want to PVP so I am not really enthusiastic or active these days. I don't recommend boxing it nor really playing it as it is a lot to catch up on gearwise unless you P2W which I don't recommend...

    Archeage Unchained (AU) also does not outlaw multiboxing as far as I know but you are officially limited to 3 accounts (and I have 3 but many people I know have many more with no issues). Since AA didn't ever multibox well under ISboxer and then even 1 AA client stopped working in ISboxer I never tried AU in ISboxer. Some of my friends are still active there and like it but I just couldn't get my motivated enough to start over in AU so stopped playing... I don't recommend boxing it but it is fun to play 1 client for awhile and AU seems easier to catch up to end game than AA so joining a good guild and playing a single client (with some extra clients to help make gold) could be worth it.

    NeverWinter: I don't recommend boxing it though maybe I would play it if I found a good consistent group (my friends quit after a year or so). I found it too P2W and boxing too tedious.

    I did EQ way back and really liked it but never really got back into EQ2...

    I tried GW2 and wanted to like it but my time was split with multiple games and Classic was announced and I just couldn't dedicate time to it...

    Never tried FF14 nor ESO nor Rift... Did tons of research and they were just inferior options based on my goals and what info I could find... When doing my research before Classic was announced GW2 was theoretically better than FF14/ESO/Rift for my goals (no P2W, no forever gear treadmill just to play, best community, Trinity-classes instead of all self-sufficient-DPS).

    Those are the ones that come to mind... There are multiple worth playing solo with some alts as part of a fun and active guild but few that I would truly multi-box to try to do things like clearing dungeons and what not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eminiar7 View Post
    ... I don't do pvp or gold farming, for me the game is about immersion and playing fun classes, and exploring the world. I'm interested to know, of the games you have listed, is there one that you would choose if you did not want to box, or maybe just dual box?

    Preferably it would be something where I can still mostly keep to myself, and avoid group content with other players.
    You can see my write up above but if light multiboxing I would dual-box SWTOR (and maybe later add 2 more clients to 4box if you want to be able to replace Companions with more characters). It is more than worth it.

    If you are playing solo and don't want to deal with P2W or a never ending gear tread-mill GW2 theoretically should be best option out there based on my research (Trinity classes rather than all self-sufficient-DPS and great community). I tried to try it but I just never really got going with it as my time was limited. If you try it and you like it you may be in heaven as my research indicated it had everything I was looking for (no P2W, not forever treadmill just to play, trinity classes, & arguably the best MMO community out there)... Before Classic was annouced GW2 was where I was planning on going (as I was leaving or at least minimizing my time in AA).

    I played DDO solo and in groups and it is incredibly fun with tons of content and replay-ability. It isn't really boxable (you can level alts while soloing dungeons or do AoE teams in a few king of the hill scenarios but no real follow)... I do recommend you find a nice casual guild that likes to 2 or 3 man dungeons and you could reincarnte youself for years with them (or solo) and it was a lot of fun. Before reaper came out for solo content I liked to mix in a trapper class for hidden content and disarming traps and my favorite class was Artificer for soloing (could do all traps and good dps and self healing) and I also liked the "Exploiter" build which was multiclassed something like 18Ranger/1monk/1rogue which do do all content... Many, many fun builds to try over all the years and really liked it. With reaper I am not sure what classes are soloable and still able to do traps/secret doors (if any) so maybe someone else can chime in (or go ask on the forums). Bottom line DDO is really worth exploring.
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