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    Default Mirrored keystrokes to become actionable, thoughts?

    Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software - WoW 267

    The use of input broadcasting software that mirrors keystrokes to multiple WoW game clients will soon be considered an actionable offense"

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    It's a pretty binary thing for me. 20 accounts canceled and I'm done with the game. Multiboxing content as a challenge (not gold farming which I suspect is where the angst is) was the only thing keeping me playing the game.

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    Personally I canceled all of my accounts, but as I have 4 months remaining, I think I'll just go back to how I used to do it, with tabbing between clients and a 2nd pc for the tank/healer.

    Personally, I think my 5L team I started might actually not be a bad option for that.

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    Same for me, canceling 20 accounts atm, have full t1/t2 gear on every char, invested like 200 days ingame to master that, was able to solo ZG, few ppls needed as help for AQ 20, was going TF runs just by myslef + 1 tank, what was rly chalange for me. If multibox is gone, wow is not chalange for me anymore, especially stupid no-brain classic. Imho all this shits is happening cos of multibox-bot who is farming strat 24/7 and damaging wow economy.

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    Well guys, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    Hopefully Blizzard realizes that this only helps botters and they revisit this to give us multiboxers some kind of accommodation.

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    Seems like game over. It seems odd they specifically banned software multiboxing - seemingly implying that hardware multiboxing is ok??? I think the line Blizz was trying to draw was that there's nothing prohibited about having multiple accounts or even logging on to them all at the same time, but controlling them all simultaneously is where they have a problem. But that's not actually what they said.

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    Hardware boxing is not OK. They just worded the update poorly. I have no doubt they will still ban anybody hardware boxing.

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    Multi-Boxing is OK.

    It was 'Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software' no more no less and there has been no official ruling that I have seen regarding ISBoxer one way or the other (yet).

    So far no mention of Hardware broadcasting being banned so that may or may not be a future issue.

    In the end you have to look at the "Spirit of the Law" vs the "Letter of the Law" and also worthwhile to denote the direction of Blizzard...

    2 things stand out to me in the Blizzard Announcement:

    • -"...allows a single keystroke or action to be automatically mirrored to multiple game clients...";
    • -"...and we've seen an increasingly negative impact...";

    Those are the 2 cruxes of the current direction...

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