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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandish View Post
    Refunds for SL pre-purchase are in progress.

    They are refusing to refund game time.

    What sort of refunds have people gotten for game time? Support is claiming they can't refund the 6 months sub purchase because it has been partially used, and also claiming they cannot refund partial amounts.

    I have an account with 5 months of time on it, and several with 3 months of time remaining. I will have zero accounts active.

    If you originally paid for those subscriptions with a credit card, you may be able to dispute the charges. It seems like a relatively cut and dry case. Purchased services -> Terms of service changed no longer allowing you to use the service -> Merchant refused to issue a pro-rated service credit. Keep in mind if you did that the accounts would very likely be blacklisted and could not be re-activated in the future.

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    Last try to unban accounts (won't insert picture due to high resolution):

    Looks like nothing I can do about? Anyway, weird, I played either on 2 wow accounts or 8, and got ban on 3 (2 paid and 1 "trial"). Also, based on "Last Played" time, I supposed to get suspension for all. I just don't know wth.

    UPD #1: Wanted to try "Live Chat", but I guess nothing will help me. So, I deleted and wow with other Blizzard games, probably it's for good. Meh, 0 bans since TBC-WotLK times and now this :/
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