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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandish View Post
    Refunds for SL pre-purchase are in progress.

    They are refusing to refund game time.

    What sort of refunds have people gotten for game time? Support is claiming they can't refund the 6 months sub purchase because it has been partially used, and also claiming they cannot refund partial amounts.

    I have an account with 5 months of time on it, and several with 3 months of time remaining. I will have zero accounts active.

    If you originally paid for those subscriptions with a credit card, you may be able to dispute the charges. It seems like a relatively cut and dry case. Purchased services -> Terms of service changed no longer allowing you to use the service -> Merchant refused to issue a pro-rated service credit. Keep in mind if you did that the accounts would very likely be blacklisted and could not be re-activated in the future.

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    Last try to unban accounts (won't insert picture due to high resolution):

    Looks like nothing I can do about? Anyway, weird, I played either on 2 wow accounts or 8, and got ban on 3 (2 paid and 1 "trial"). Also, based on "Last Played" time, I supposed to get suspension for all. I just don't know wth.

    UPD #1: Wanted to try "Live Chat", but I guess nothing will help me. So, I deleted and wow with other Blizzard games, probably it's for good. Meh, 0 bans since TBC-WotLK times and now this :/
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    I have been permabanned on two of my 10 accounts...

    Quote Originally Posted by mrdsp View Post
    Has anybody got a ban yet? Seen the change in policy -

    This is caused by people farming the hell out of BFA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Swedishoyster View Post
    I have been permabanned on two of my 10 accounts...
    Permaban for just 2 account even more weird than my 6m month suspension. They should've ban all wow accounts, aren't they?
    Visited US forum, CS section, looks like few ppl got weird suspension for half accs. Some got unban, some not.

    The worst thing, I have no idea why I got it and they won't tell due to "security/privacy" reasons. On the other hand, they own the game and can ban us for whatever reason they want, nothing we can do about.

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