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    Default Issues with inconsistent healing

    I am having an issue when healing my team. I included a link for my profile.

    I created a healing clickbar overlay using MiRai's video (ISBoxer 41/42 — Pro System 04 — Healing Like a Pro) and am using Wow macros typed directly into ISBoxer. When running my all druid team it works correctly. I target one character, click on the overlay of slot 1, and all 4 characters heal the correct char in slot 1 (it has 4 copies of regrowth, 4 copies of rejuv, etc.).

    However, this is the only team I can get this to work correctly on. I have an all paladin team, and when I click on char 1, all the characters cast the correct spell, but they do not target the correct character. They only heal themselves, so I assume it is an issue with assist or targeting. I have tried with different teams (all shaman, all priest, and mixed teams) and it would be the same result. I've tried doing this with and without Vuh'do (which I use on all my characters, including the working all druid team), with and without clique, and changing the in game Interface options on self-cast heals. I assume the macros are correct since the spells are being cast. I've re-watched MiRai's video again, but can't see what I'm missing. The link below has the all druid team and all paladin team.

    I have other issues on my main profile, but I hope fixing this targeting issue will let me figure out the other profile problems at a later time.

    Thanks all.

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    At a quick glance, I don't see why, technically, it wouldn't be working, other than the fact that you've doubled up on Key Map assignments, which may be the culprit (I can't test it right now). There's no reason to be assigning the Healing or Virtual Healing Key Maps to any of your Characters, specifically, and my video doesn't show that. So, if I had to guess, I'm going to say that those assignments might be causing your issue.

    In addition, but unrelated, you're assigning Macro Sets to both Characters and Character Sets. While this isn't breaking anything at the moment, it's bad practice in the long run due to the potential to create unwanted conflicts if you decide to temporarily slot another character into your team.

    Finally, your CPU Strategy is highly limiting in the sense that you're restricting every game client to only two threads, which is not only keeping the game from being able to achieve better performance, but it's also leaving most of your CPU completely unused and sitting idle.
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    Thank you, I'll clean up these things and see if that fixes stuff. I'm not sure why I'm doubling up on assigning may have been a "kitchen sink" strategy.

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