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    This is a wee late but those mechanical switches in the Razer mice are known to fail after a few months. The good news is they are fixable! Yes you read me right. They can be fixed without buying any new parts.


    Basically, these mechanical switches have a metal band that springs off the button providing a nice surgical and responsive click. The trouble is the metal. These switches come from China (not Japan, those are good for 8m+ clicks) and so the Chinese metal is a problem. The band that's intended to click becomes weak and bounces inside the switch causing two clicks for every one. The way you fix it is to remove it and bend it a little so that it's got more strength to resist bouncing. Once done reassemble and you're good to go!

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    +1 for G600. It survived all my hack'n'slash experience and rage outbursts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Svpernova09 View Post
    Logitech G600 here. Officially done w/ Razer mice after having a great history the past 2 naga I've bought haven't lasted as long as others.

    I still use a logitech M500 in tandem with my g13 gamepad. programmable everything. the m500 right click wore out after a decade, so i bought a new one recently.

    I suggest everyone try a gamepad like the g13

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