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    Mage solo farm Naxx

    Looks like we're in business.
    Interesting though it sounds like really two mages is the way to go (though that may be hard for a single player duo+box to accomplish). It seemed like actually letting the mages taking turns to die reset the threat on the dead mage allowing the recently dead mage to go full out with impunity while the mage which stayed alive focused on keeping the kited mobs moving for awhile until the "impunity mage" caught up on threat. It sounded like he maybe found that "duo-death-leap-frog-threat-kite" method sorta by accident but may be a smart approach to just plan on.
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    It looks like a each pack is 3 ghouls and 2 slimes. If you separated your party and one character in your party (like a mage) initially pulled the ghouls & slimes and kited them at the extreme range of the rest of the party and the party (maybe Warlocks+Priest) cast only a curse or a DoT or Holy Sunder (or something) on only the slimes at max range and then the kiting mage let them catch and kill him would the ghouls reset and only keep the slimes chasing the remaining party members?

    I am not sure how mob leash ranges and resets work but I was just thinking that if you can reset the ghouls and just be dealing with the slimes it could make keeping them at range pretty trivial (could just DoT them up keep moving and maybe Curse of Exhaustion would not be necessary).

    That also assumes that both the ghouls and slimes have interesting drop tables.
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    Not sure how the pack leashing will work. Will need to be tested.

    Pretty sure just kiting with CoC spam will work fine. The slow from CoC (with permafrost) is longer than the cooldown of CoC. It wouldn't work for a single mage because if you got a resist you'd probably die. With 3-4 mages the chances of one mob resisting all CoC's is extremely low.

    My plan is to use my priest/mage team but swap a warrior in for one mage for the mace and shield drops.

    Even without gear drops though, the ghouls should drop a pretty decent amount of raw gold if you we can figure out a way to clear reasonably quickly. Have to remember it's designed for a 40 player split.
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