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    Default Jamba not working with pre-patch so I go but EMA not working with Isboxer

    Hi there I have heard EMA is the new version of jamba so I am trying to use it but first when I set up the group and try push all setting that doesnt work.
    Then second the addon 'say Isboxer not installed or loaded' when I click on the icone add isboxer member team.
    Any idea somoene ?

    It's a real problem jamba is not working, the fellow leader doesn't work without so we need to use the macro /felow + name. Same for interact with target and support target =/

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    You have to setup EMA on ALL your toons, not just the leader:
    1. Invite your team to a group or raid.
    2. Enable broadcast
    3. Type in: /ema-team config
    4. Click on "Add group/raid members to team"
    5. Disable broadcast

    Done. Now you can "push" settings between them.
    Ignore the "sync with ISBoxer" function.

    You may also use the DynamicBoxer addon that's doing some of the handywork to setup a new/change an existing team for you:

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    Waw thanks a lot for your answer !

    And about the Follow main window and assist. Do we have to set up only macro manualy from wow now ?

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    ISBoxer got you covered regarding follow (alt+F) and assist (alt+A) by default; those are dynamic and will follow/assist whichever character you are currently controlling.

    However, currently there's a known issue for WoW retail after the recent patch, that partially breaks those functions.
    Jabberie posted a workaround for it on the ISBoxer discord:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jabberie

    There is an issue with modifiers in World of Warcraft at the moment. Left and Right Modifiers are not being differentiated so FTL used with Follow and Assist do not work. In a team of 10, slots 2, 7 and 8 are affected.

    If you are 5 or less, you can update slot 2 FTL modifier like this. You have to /reload ingame after export. (change to HD in the lower right)

    You can only use FTL up to 7 slots now. This is the 7 possible combinations you can use.

    This is a WoW Client change and not something that is directly related to isboxer so we'll have to wait and see if it gets changed back.
    That should cover everything in one post to link to.

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    It's not working for me sir, the follow and assist on main. I have to writte myself all macro in game. /follow + name.

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    ok I found out, I didn't active the isboxer addon lol. Thanks a lot !
    But still have one probleme, on my 5 account there is one that is still not working. He does follow but when I switch on his screen, no one want follow or assist him.

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