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    Default WOW retail; Low framerate/stutter even on potato settings.

    Hey, my goal is to find out if I need to update my hardware or if I can try some tweaking in order to get this to work. I know it is most likely the first and most expensive that is gonna be the solution.

    I started multiboxing mid BFA with 4 druids and the game ran fine on mediumish settings. Then I jumped over to classic and started to 5 box, it went just fine on medium settings there as well.

    However I started 5 boxing again in this prepatch and I am struggeling alot with low framerate,stutter and long wait times at times.

    I've dropped the settings on 4 of the "slaves" down to 1 on the in game scale, with vsync DISABLED, I've also put the resolution to 1920x1080 but then dropped it down to 61%.

    On the master/driver I am running 1920x1080 and I cannot feel a difference between 1-5 on the in game scale, with most things in the advanced menu at the lowest/disabled. Running all 5 characters on dx11 legacy, I have tried dx12 as well.
    I've tried to disable avast (antivirus), battlenet, etc. ofc I am not having any webrowser running at the same time.

    One thing I though of now that I have no idea if it will make any difference is having the 4 slaves on my second monitor would help? Someone wise has to answer that for me.


    i5 3570k
    16gb ram
    SSD for both wow and windows.

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    If you open up task manager, does it show if cpu / memory / gpu / or disk is maxing out at 100% or close to it?

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    CPU and memory is 90%+ and gpu is around 15-35%. Disk is 2%

    I kinda knew this was the case but my real question is, is it anything else I can tweak in order for this to work?

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    Cpu / ram at 90%++ ..... = time to upgrade those.

    5boxing = have 32gb ram

    Cpu wise, try have 2 cores and 2 threads assigned to each game and 2 cores / 2 threads unassigned (for the OS). So, a 12 core/24 threads cpu would be very nice for a 5man).


    Update the OS... gpu drivers.... innerspace.... isboxer.... motherboard
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    Also can try to run with 0 addons and see if that makes any difference.
    you can further reduce the video quality settings of the additional accounts by using the
    /console set render scale 1 and replacing the 1 with a 0.1 to 0.9. It’ll look terrible but drops the settings down a ton. Put it back to 1 to bring it back to normal.

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