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    Default Let’s talk about balance druids in Shadowlands...

    With the new changes to balance in Shadowlands, getting close to optimal DPS seems like it’s going to be challenging.

    Right now, in addition to my spenders, I’m running a simplified cast sequence of Moonfire, Sunfire, 3x Starfire and 6x Wrath. It’s letting me cast a couple of the appropriate spells and being in an eclipse phase around 50% of the time. Not bad for world questing but it’ll be terrible for dungeons.

    Anyone have some decent ideas for handling balance? I’m using ISBoxer and a modified priority rotation.

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    Short answer: No! ...
    And if you are out of combat, didnt measure the time, because it doesnt change anything, its about 20 or 30 seconds, then the eclypse resets.
    AND you even cant cancel the buff ... so, BalanceDruids are, to my knowledge, simply fucked (but not in a consent nice way) for optimal Multiboxing. I was myself thinking about it and found no solution with the toolkit the macrosystem and isboxer provides. Even if you monitor with TMW the buffs, you will get very fast out of sync with the buffalteration. So just alternate starfire and wrath is the "best" i came up with

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    Not sure about optimal, BUT, im using GSE for now and my Balance druids are the best dps so far.. if it were optimal, im sure they would be way better than my other teams. I have not tried guardian yet.
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    If you are able to get 75% of your simmed dps I think your in a good spot. This is my arbitrary threshold I have for any team as a goal.
    I have Starfire/Wrath on a cast sequence and just rotate between them with the understanding that I’m going to miss eclipses benefit but this way it’s only 50% of the time. The other 50% is within the benefit.
    Their dps feels a little more sluggish (I think this is for any class though after the squish) but overall happy with it.
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    Balance seems to be right in the middle of the sims for dps..BM seems to be close to the top though..but a lot of time for additional changes. For me.. i have no desire to push high keys like some of you. As long as i can do +2 ish im happy.. i don't even do dungons unless there are tradeskill items that can only be obtained from them. But for world content.. Balance is great .. with the starfall as it is!
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    I was able to create a rogue profile in ISBoxer that was doing something like 90% of simmed dps (at lower gear levels - like about 425ish ilvl before the squish), so I'm wondering if I can do the same with a feral profile and just switch my team to melee. Not ideal - having to shift out for healing and the like, but maybe it'll work.

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