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    Angry Error opening shadowlands with inner space. Help!

    I can open the wow from the launcher. But when I start from inner space using isboxer it generates an error that says: Your 3d accelerator card is not supported by World of Warcraft.
    I think it is some internal problem. It can be fixed?

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    Does your card meet the minimum requirements for WoW? The minimums were recently updated so if you have an old card it might no longer work.

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    new wow exp..... stuff gets broken...

    Make it a rutine to "log on to your battlenet launcher, to download any updates, before you start to use innerspace and play in general".

    *there is a "repair game" feature aswell there, if you fancy testing it out,


    open wow.exe directly from the game folder.... enable dirext x 11.... and let it choose gpu "automatic" (or the spesific one you use, if need be, to troubleshoot).

    open innerspace... right click icon in the system tray at the bottom... go to configuration.... click/tick the box to enable "download development test patches" apply.... quit innerspace and restart... rightclick icon again and go to "patcher"... install the update if there is one... note the date it came out... restart.... (remove the tick to prevent it from asking to try install the same patch again later on).

    rightclick innerspace tray again... to to configuration.... then to game configuration.... choose wow.... go to the profile named "wow directX 11 legacy"...

    main exe = wow.exe
    Main executable... = -d3d11legacy
    Main exe path = insert the path to your wow.exe


    Open Isboxer suite:

    Go to each character in the upper left pane... then in the lower right pane = change game profile on each to use "wow client directX legacy".

    Export all to innerspace...


    (if you happen to have a cpu that has a "built in grafixs card"" = disable that within the motherboard bios, so the pc uses your "proper gpu instead").

    (and ofc check what the poster above mentioned: "Does your card meet the minimum requirements for WoW? The minimums were recently updated so if you have an old card it might no longer work").

    ...should be able to launch the games now

    (its best to open 1 game at a time and log in and log out, atleast once, so you dont have to be pested by the movie cutscenes, addon popups etc).

    (disable all addons at first on all, and use software like the "twitch app" to keep your addons up to date).

    (update windows.....)

    (update your graphic drivers)
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    Known issue with Windows 7 users.
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