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    Default WoW Shadowlands Prepatch - Crashes on Launch

    Hello Duel-Boxing Forums. I've recently installed the WoW shadowlands prepatch. Since the install, my game windows crash on startup. Some of the clients launch 'windowed' and the game appears to be running properly. However, when the game windows change from 'windowed' to 'fullscreen' the client freezes and eventually autoquits. I run eight clients. Some of these do not launch windowed and are in fullscreen by default. For these clients the game runs as normal. This has happened since prepatch but seems to be a local issue and not a server issue.

    I have done some googling but no joy. Any suggestions welcome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hurried-detail View Post
    Thankyou, replacing the WTF files with the ones from the characters that worked solves the problem.

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