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    Default Trying to find a place for rogue in a 5 man. Any help appreciated!

    Have 2 boxed for a long time but want to try my hand at a full group.

    I will level them almost exclusively in instances—at least that’s my plan!

    I’ve read a ton of posts here with group recommendations but I haven’t really found one yet that had a rogue.

    The rogue is 100% the char I plan to main but I don’t know the best group comp to get there!

    I thought about a melee group with WWWRS but I’m open to anything that works reasonably well.

    Not concerned with breaking leveling speed records. Just want to be somewhat efficient.

    Thanks so much for any advice!!!

    (also open to any general advice for a first time 5er). 😁

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    The conventional wisdom typically advised is to generally not include a rogue unless you really want/need one (for example you main one)... Generally speaking Warriors are just more hardy and easier to optimize and have better cleave.

    On the melee cleave thread there are links to a Druid_tank+3Rogue+Paladin_healer party showing both a dungeon while leveling (SM) and a dungeon at cap. On the at cap video he goes over in the video the recommended talents and basic gear and he has a really nice set of weak-auras+VFX to manage all 3 sets of combo points from the driver... The melee cleave thread also covers many of the other melee heavy team options so you can contrast/compare by watching those videos as well.

    My recommendation would likely be 3WRS (if Horde) if you only need 1 rogue and you could drive from the rogue if you want to play/optimize from the rogue (especially if that is what you want to main with).

    That being said those videos do show you can go with more rogues if you want though if I were going DruidTank+3Rogues I likely would try a Druid healer to open up an all stealth team... A Paladin healer (or Shaman healer) do bring more to the team when not stealthing but if I were going Druid+3Rogue I would want the 5th to also have stealth...
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    If you care about stealthing while miltiboxing then you have to go some form of druid rogue combination like Nodoze said. In my opinion druid tanks and healers take a lot of good gear to be able to compare to the other classes in those roles, so it's a harder road, but you can skip a lot of headaches with stealth.

    If you dont care about stealth while boxing your group then you can actually replace any warrior in any comp with a combat rogue. People dont like to manage the combo points because it's very unforgiving in Classic, but if you can do that with macros then you wont see any difference boxing a rogue instead of a warrior. Im guessing you understand how WF works on rogues, but if not be sure to look it up.

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    Thanks so much for the great info! I have a ton to learn and this is a great first step!

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