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    Default Question on server phasing and farming

    So let's say I want to farm Mount X in Zone Y. It is on a 4 hour timer let's say. So with my box crew all being on the same server (Area 52) even if I am not grouped, odd are I will see the other one when I get to the camp?

    I guess an easier way of asking this is, if I have my 5 man crew on 5 different servers and they each run ungrouped to the camp spot, is there much less of a chance I will see either one of them as opposed to them all being on the same server and ungrouped?

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    That depends if the 4 hour timer is the exact same across all servers no matter what time the mob/rare/loot spawned. Not the case if the timer starts when the mob/rare/loot actually happened.

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    dont forget about warmode on/off. it's how i farm up lots of rare hunter pets for my whole team.

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