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    Default Improving my Setup

    I started multiboxing with BFA. My Guild had the requierment to have atleast one up to date alt and i was tired of doing WQ Swipes on more than 1 i got 3 Accounts and split my Chars on them.

    But i did a very basic Setup..i use isboxer and they just follow me thats it mostly. I would like to get a bit more into it and do it properly. So they should also assist better in fighting and do their prioritylist/rotation.

    There is so much information out there and i can't find where to start. Which are some good Guides/tutorials to set this up with ISboxer?
    At best with mixed Classes and also ranged and melee mixed

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    While you can build your setup however you choose and see fit, I would suggest taking a look at the pro-config. This will atleast give you an idea of how it's usually done as a starting point and then you can start modifying and adding your own spin to it where you see fit.

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