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    All MB focused guilds have fell apart from what I can tell. Hardcore guilds are usually the most conducive to the playstyle. It's easier to fill out alt raids with your main guild than to find a MB only raids. Most people rather have several geared "mains" than put the effort to raiding 5x.

    We really don't play nice together, lol. There's a very "I can do it all on my own" mentality that doesn't mesh well with 40 mans.
    The only exception I have found recently is EU Zandalar Tribe rPVP Horde. The started gaining steam fairly recently and seem to be going pretty strong with multiple 5box & 10box teams at cap though I think multiple members have recently caught alt-itus &/ real-life-itus slowing things down... I think the largest raids they have actually fielded so far are 15-20 so time will tell if they actually start doing 40mans.
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