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    Default Built this a couple months ago

    Was going to the gym everyday for the past 4+ years before the pandemic hit. Was a pretty big shock to my body when everything shut down for us (still is, but very low # of cases here <200).

    Got lucky (checking their website daily for stock) and was able to pick this up from Rogue and have it in the garage. It helps but still trying to find equipment. Before the pandemic I was pushing 400lb deadlifts and 300lb ATG squats 5x8. Currently I only have 145 lbs of weight

    I'll have to see if more weight is available yet, haven't checked in a month or so, need a bench as well. I also plan on getting a rowing machine pretty soon. Where I live things will probably be shut down for another year or so.

    Any of you guys enjoy fitness / body building? How are you guys staying in shape during all of this?

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    I really wish I had the space to start building a home gym. Even figured that even buying most of the stuff new would pay itself back in 4-5 years. Perhaps in a few years... On top of the eventual savings it would make it a whole lot easier to be able to pop in for a quick workout.

    Fortunately gyms never closed here (sparsely populated country, even more sparsely populated county, infections never got too bad) so my gym schedule was not affected. That isn't to say it will not happen in the future... If that happens I don't think I'll have much choice but to splurge for some adjustable dumbbells. There's a decent set of 2 x max 42.5kg / 93.5lbs for a little over 300€. With those I could at least do some type of squat and back exercises as well...

    Anyways that looks nice. And ye, plates are a major pain in the ass. Who knew a lump of metal could cost so much... I'll certainly be looking for used plates people are trying to get rid of, although I suppose demand for those currently might be rather high.
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    I've gained about 7 lbs since covid hit. Not a fan. Been to the office more now so I've been able to get to the gym and back into my routine.
    Also picked up biking on Sundays, hoping I can still eat whatever I want soon while maintaining

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    Nice guys!
    Just getting that body moving helps so much.

    Yea my gym membership was about $150/mo where I live. So all this equipment will eventually pay off.
    The worst part is I miss all my gym buddies though lol.

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    I already had a pull-up bar and push-up stands, but when everything was starting to get serious I grabbed a set of some adjustable dumbbells before the demand for them shot up through the roof. They have been able to hold me over just fine, but it was annoying to have to keep kneeling down to grab the weights, so I also purchased the dumbbell stand, and all has been smooth sailing since.
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    is it wrong that i saw the frame first and thought about what the best route to go for Air conditioning would be when you loaded that frame up with monitors? I was thinking of a top down approach.

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