I had an issue a few months back when I started getting a lot of authentication requests on all my teams/chars...

That settled down soon after and I now have WinAuth on my PC to make authentication a much less painful process.

However... I have one team (my 5 x Hunters) which always has authentication requests, up to all 5 of them, even if I have only just played them... ie. play them for a bit, quit out to update addons, fire them up, all 5 get authentication request again!

It only happens on this one team.

I'm playing 8 teams across 2 servers and the other teams may get authenticated every couple of weeks but my hunters are authenticated every time I fire them up!

To try and solve this issue, I tried making a new ISBoxer file and recreated them from scratch - still happened.

I've just reinstalled Win10 completely, for the first time in years, and was really hoping that might cure it.
On the fresh install of Windows, I kept my wow directory on the games drive.
I reinstalled ISBoxer and then put my team .xml files and the Scripts directory back in place.
The hunters still ask for authentication every time

I've just tested again with a new ISBoxer file, running the Wizard, and am asked for 2-5 codes every time.

Any ideas what is going on with this team and what I can do to try and fix it?