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    Default wow classic auction addon help

    Dear All,

    Times have changed since Panderia for me, and the auctionhouse addons aswell.

    Please can someone advise an addon to bulk upload with one click for each action obviously for uploading items such as greens/blues/epics to auctionhouse in wow classic.

    I am struggling to find an addon to scan the bags, and then give me a spammable button to list each item. there used to be superior tools years ago but thats against tos.

    Can someone advise something to do this, and no auctionator and auctioneer doesnt appear to do this.

    I am NOT looking to stack mats, those are standard features and i have no problem with this. Its the gear items i struggle to list hundreds and wasting my life uploading every couple of days.

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    Guess the only one is TSM that can do what you want.

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