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    Default Shadowlands Team (ShPal3xBM) Config & Evolution towards Mythic+

    Hey all!
    I wanted to have a thread that can document / list out my progression from an 120 level team prepping and getting ready for Shadowlands, all the way to pushing the hardest content I can with this team at max level.

    I'm also usually online here at the DB forums.
    DB Discord: Teknetron#2781
    Battle Net: Teknetron#1559

    Why a Shaman + Paladin + 3x Hunters?
    Paladin is a great tank that is very boxer friendly with an easy macro rotation.
    Shaman has group heals, some mobility, CC, Totem Power
    Hunters have fantastic mobility, very easy macro setups, some CC, and pets.
    I would love to run a Warrior Tank, Healer, Warlock/Mage/Rogue DPS combo, but that's just asking for a headache!

    Shadowlands 1st Team to Level
    I was planning on leveling my druids 1st for the gathering but I honestly feel like it would just be a waste of time for myself. I'll be spreading out professions across my main team and really want to focus on just the 1 team to start with. After thing's die down a little bit progression wise I may level the druids.

    Shadowlands Professions
    Shaman - Herb / Mining
    Paladin - Blacksmithing / JC
    Hunter 1 - Herb / Mining
    Hunter 2 - Leather Working / Skinning
    Hunter 3 - Enchanting / Alchemy
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    UI & Addon List

    I just finished cleaning up my UI.
    My main focus is to have as much view space as I can keeping only the bare minimum of information needed. I've removed a fair amount of stuff that led to some major screen clutter.

    Current as of 9/27/20

    Addon List
    Magic Targets
    Shadowed Unit Frames
    Titan Panel
    Tom Tom

    I use two Unit Frame addons (Grid2 + Shadowed Unit Frames)
    Grid2 is used with Clique & IsBoxer Repeater Regions
    Grid2 Displays Health, Buffs, Debuffs and Heals
    Grid2 is used for 1 shot buff / debuff removal

    Shadowed Unit Frames is used for player power levels (mana, rage) and showing aura's.
    This is essentially my party frame allowing me to click target and/or right click unit options.
    It also comes with a way to export/import your settings while in game. So you can export out the code, copy it and switch to another character to paste in the settings. Very nice.

    Neat Plates is my nameplate addon and I love it. I have it setup the same across all characters. You can assign certain abilities/buffs/debuffs to show above the plates. I have the nameplates showing any purgeable buffs on the target and also showing any of my characters CC / Interrupt / Stun abilities with timers. Cant recommend this nameplate addon enough!
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    I'll only be listing macros that I feel are not part of a basic setup. If you have a better way of doing something please let me know!

    I make heavy use of Action Target Groups.
    Current ATG's I use:
    Follower (All)
    Tank (Tank)
    Heals (Healer)
    Ranged (Healer + Hunters)
    Stuns (Paladin + Hunters)
    Interrupts (Shaman + Hunters) I don't use paladin Rebuke here as it's melee range which may not always be true
    Hunters (hunters)
    Purifiers (Tank + Healer)

    Most of my target macros make use of the following pattern
    /cast [@focus, exists, nodead][@target, exists, nodead] Cobra Shot
    /petattack [@focus, exists, nodead][@target, exists, nodead]

    Or if it's a shared macro between classes like Interrupts Ill do this in IsBoxer
    !if (character is in "Heals") /cast [@focus, exists, nodead][@target, exists, nodead] Wind Shear
    !if (character is in "Hunters") /cast [@focus, exists, nodead][@target, exists, nodead] Counter Shot

    And then I can Round Robin using this named macro.

    These also simply check if a focus exists and if so use that as a target, if not use the current target

    I use Alt 1 - 5 to set my characters focus.
    Benefit of not using [@focus] healing is now I can use my focus for CC and for unique encounters where the tank needs to be on 1 target while everyone else is on another.

    Implemented Macros

    CTM On Tank
    Active only when he is not currently the active client.
    I have a Master keymap that uses the "JambaMaster" Game Helper. This Master Keymap is called every time I switch clients.
    I have edited the "JambaMaster" Game Helper to include: !if (character is in "Tank") /console autointeract 0
    In my Master Keymap I do the following: Call CTM on all others, Call JambaMaster on Self, CTM Off in Ranged

    When I switch clients this macro fires off and essentially turns CTM On for everyone, then turn's it off for everyone in ranged leaving it turned ON for my Tank unless you are currently driving the Tank.

    I know it sounds weird and like it should be easier to set this up, but something about how IsBoxer processes Window:Current, Window:Name, Window:Self and it's priority. So this is the only way I could get this to work.

    Jamba Strobe (Ranged Only)
    Inside EMA I added a new group "Ranged" and assigned my Shaman + Hunters to this group.
    Inside IsBoxer < Game Helpers < JambaStrobe ON < I changed to /jamba-follow strobeonme Ranged

    This now allows my Shaman + Hunters to always be moving together when needed, without pulling the tank off of his target. I can also switch to the tank if needed and my Ranged will strobe on the tank. But switching back to a ranged character leaves the tank as is.

    I have this bound to my middle right mouse button for quick access. I turn this off and on multiple times during instances. Also have Strobe OFF assigned to any group spread macros.
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    Team Management / Switching
    I use 'c' modifier plus mouse scroll wheel for switching clients.
    I also use F1 - F5 direct switching for the team.
    'x' General follow button

    Team Movement
    I use wasd for driving my main character.
    I use Shift + wasd for moving around my Ranged as a Group

    I have 2 spread macros.
    Picture Spread
    2 characters going left / right & down
    2 characters going left / right
    Driving character staying put

    + sign spread
    Each character going in a direction (not tank as he's usually on mob)

    Both of these spreads are 2 steps with the first step being to turn off strobe and then the 2nd press actually moves the characters.

    Healing / DPS
    I've gone through numerous setups of healing and right now this is what's working.

    Uses Hand of the Protector at every opportunity on himself
    * Paladin is getting over healed by a large amount. I have now moved Hand of the Protector to be used on who ever I'm currently healing.
    Spirit Beasts:
    Round Robin Heals on the tank = 1 Initial Heal + HOT every 10 seconds
    I use @name healing with this team. No more clicking on UI elements for heals.
    My shaman makes heavy use of AOE + Chain Heal. Pets rarely take damage so I'll be removing chain heal on the tank and replacing it with Healing Surge for spot heals. Shaman mostly heals Ranged Group.

    Q on my keyboard is my default Spam button. Everyone attacks including Shaman.
    #'s 1-7 on my mouse are used for all primary actions.
    1 - All Attack + Shaman Heals Client 1 + Paladin HoP
    2 - All Attack + Shaman Heals Client 2 + Paladin HoP
    3 - All Attack + Shaman Heals Client 3 + Paladin HoP
    4 - All Attack + Shaman Heals Client 4 + Paladin HoP
    5 - All Attack + Shaman Heals Client 5 + Paladin HoP
    6 - Tank Pull + Shaman Earth Shield Tank
    7 - All Attack + Group Defensive CD's / Heals

    #'s Shift + 1-6 are available for special actions
    S1 - Bound to the Special Action Button
    S2 - AoE DPS
    S3 - Ranged Interrupts
    S4 - Tremor Totem
    S5 - Empty
    S6 - Empty

    #'s Alt + 1-6 handle Purify Sprit + Cleanse Toxins
    A1 - All Attack + Purify/Cleanse Client 1
    A2 - All Attack + Purify/Cleanse Client 2
    A3 - All Attack + Purify/Cleanse Client 3
    A4 - All Attack + Purify/Cleanse Client 4
    A5 - All Attack + Purify/Cleanse Client 5

    #'s CTRL + 1-5 handle Focus
    Ctrl1 - Client 1 Focus Target
    Ctrl2 - Client 2 Focus Target
    Ctrl3 - Client 3 Focus Target
    Ctrl4 - Client 4 Focus Target
    Ctrl5 - Client 5 Focus Target

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    Interesting enough mister! Looking at this post in my phone but give it more attention later

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    Really nice thread, great analysis on what your thought process is and how you went about setting everything up. Love to see threads like this sharing with the community!
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