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    Default Looking for this addon!

    I can't remember the name, or even what it looks like.
    I believe the last time I used it was back when Cataclysm released.

    Essentially what this addon did if I remember right was allow you to set target marker Icons to enemies and allow your multiboxing team to cast their specific CC ability towards the Icon they respond to.

    I think the addon itself was pretty well integrated into mutliboxing. I can't remember if the addon worked through focus or not. I do remember how easy it was to setup and made CCing mobs a breeze.

    Essentially the addon allowed me to have CC abilities bound to a keypress for all my team. If their target marker icon was alive they would cast their CC ability, and ignore if it was dead.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    I don't know about an addon but I found a very old post with macros at the bottom.. not sure if it's any use?

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    Thanks for the help Andreauk!

    Sadly that's not it, but it does help push me in the right direction.
    It's like the old Jamba target system, except that it auto set your focus for you based on mob name, based on the target marker.

    I'll post here if I ever find it.

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    I know this used to be possible, but I think the WoW APIs have since been modified specifically to avoid this sort of conditional/programmatic targeting. It opens the automation door a bit too wide!

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    As far as I know, targeting via markers was never possible.
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    Yes after looking into this more, as Mirai said, targeting via markers was never possible.

    The addon worked with your team (similar to Magic Targets 2) but then set your characters /focus on the current target marked mobs name. I know it can still be done now, hardcoded with macros and such in IsBoxer. This addon was pretty slick though with the in game UI, some other options available and allowed me to pretty much set 1 button in IsBoxer for everyone's CC and it would just sort of work.

    I'm going to test out Magic Targets 2 and see how that works with IsBoxer. Trying to get something going that works well with my setup in preparation for Shadowlands. I really want to have a real push at Mythic+. Now is the time as I just came off of a year+ break from wow so I'm nice and fresh & ready to go!

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    Well, you can use a custom macro like this:

    /run SetRaidTargetIcon("target", {SLOT})

    Then use

    /cast [target=focus] ccability

    either in your gse macro or in a part of your IS Boxer rotation, or on a separate keypress. It needs to contain an assist before calling this macro on a specified slot. I bind they keys T through O to the 5 slots.
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    I like that idea on how to implement this, schmonz.

    Use per-slot focus+mark hotkeys, plus a "everybody CC your focus" key.

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    Yeah would have to be something similar to what schmonz posted, or maybe you're thinking of rift instead of wow

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys.
    I already have a system in place, was just looking for this specific addon as it made CC such a breeze.

    Thinking on it more I believe it used just the mob name + target maker for you guys to CC. Was nice because it kept your focus free and the UI was great for tracking everything across your team.

    I did a search last night and came up with nothing. I'm sure it died off due to API changes.

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