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    Default Flying breaks and falling off

    My follow randomly breaks when flying and somtimes fall off my 2 person mounts. Its pretty annoying and sometimes worse is worse than others.

    Is there a fix for this?

    I'm currently working on the hivemind mount, do all the passangers inside just randomly fall out?

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    No fix and even with the hivemind this will happen. This is Blizzards failed fasing system that boots your toons. Some zones are worse then others and changing zones have a higher chance because you automatically change fase.

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    only advice is: make sure they have same riding speed - gear speed and have done same quest in a zone. Especially Stormsong vally (BFA) and Icecrown (wath). Some phasing can be removed if you have done a quest or Wquest.
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    Many problems are fixed by using party sync.

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    Quote Originally Posted by schmonz View Post
    Many problems are fixed by using party sync.
    Great tip!

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