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    Hi everyone,

    I'll use this thread to post my teams videos.

    The Deadmines
    Everyone knows the Deadmines by now, so I just threw music on for the gameplay.
    Before the last boss my hunters leveled giving them a click cast... so my DPS was out of the fight pretty much I'll need to put some empty placeholders on the action bar so this doesn't happen again while leveling as I have the 1 key going through for vehicles and such.

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    Timewalking - Bloodmaul Slag Mines
    I've decided it's probably best to leave the video full length and just add timestamps for the boss fights in the video description. I'm still getting stuff squared away with the UI. After doing this instance I had to take some time and fixup DBM as it was really intrusive during the boss fights.

    I haven't done this instance in years, but my team made it through alive!

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    Timewalking - The Everbloom

    Starting to get the flow back with team movement and targeting. I haven't really played most of Legion | BFA expansions. Guess I'll start pushing some mythic & mythic+ now while waiting for shadowlands pre-patch content.

    Witherbark: 8:20
    Ancient Protectors: 18:20
    Xeritac: 24:26
    Yalnu: 36:00

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    Atal'Dazar Mythic

    Priestess Alun'za: 8:00
    Rezan: 19:40
    Vol'Kaal: 27:52
    Yazma: 33:13

    I'm new to running mythics but wow are they fun! I had 1 or 2 deaths this run but walked away with 4 gear upgrades for my guys. I still have a few low 300 ilvl pieces on the team. Going forward there is a lot of positioning and movement strategies I could employ here to speed up the run and kill mobs more efficiently. I also need to adjust some healing rotation on my shaman as he's a bit too much AOE and not enough single target.

    I'm just going to continue to run what I can. Not really interested in pushing every gear slot right now this close to Shadowlands. Getting excited for the Shadowlands grind!

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    King's Rest Mythic 2

    This run went pretty good. I spent way too much time on the green oozes, 7 minutes!
    Because of these oozes I've made a new keybind toggle that shuts my paladin off.

    It does the following:
    Turn off strobe on Ranged (Cause I usually have it on as I drive from healer)
    Turn on strobe All (I had attempted to keep strobe on for ranged & tank but it wasn't working, think there can only be 1 strobe active?)
    Turn everything Paladin off.

    Looking forward to my next run here and testing out this strat for the oozes. I actually thought I had it in when I was doing this run... but I never tested it and it didn't work lol

    I guess now with shadowlands being pushed back I'll see how far I can get. It would be really cool to hit +10, we'll see!

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