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    Default 1000$ PC for WoW

    I wanna get into mutlboxing in WoW for SL. And it's finally time to replace my PC from 2012. I need advice for which components are the most suited for multiboxing and how many instances can it run. I will most likely be ordering all the parts online and paying import tax on it.

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    How many clients do you run, and what is your monitor setup? (Does the $1k need to include monitors, or do you already have those?)

    Regardless, I'd try to wait about a month. Nvidia just announced thier new GPUs, although they haven't really hit the shelves yet. AMD is supposed to announce their new CPUs and GPUs next month. That should mean that next month you'll be able to get a lot more performance for your $ than you do now - even if you stay with the current generations of parts that are out now, those same parts should go on clearance shortly.

    Assuming you're talking 5 clients, I'd aim for a 10+ core CPU and a mid-level GPU with lots of RAM.

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    There are probably several other threads in this forum that you can look through that will give you an idea of what hardware people are looking to upgrade to. However, if you're starting from scratch, then I don't think a total budget of $1,000 will get you everything that you want, and as jak points out, you'll need to be more specific with what your needs (and expectations) are.
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